The Observer. Part #22

— Everyone here tries to pull other people into his game. Your personality can interact with other personality only through … More

The Observer. Part #21

We have seen that any anxiety complex established through a series of successive conditionings must have started from the inborn … More

The Observer. Part #20

— I desperately want to remain in a state of understanding. When I read your books, I understand that I know … More

The Observer. Part #18

What does the Investigator investigate? The Investigator investigates your Ego, i.e. the mechanisms it works on) But the Ego tries … More

The Observer. Part #17

On Observer, value of experience, and transformation of reality (2014).  The analogy of an out of focus microscope with dirty … More

The Observer. Part #15

Another octave of self-observation presented in the Jane Heap/A. L. Staveley lineage of the work, concerns levels of observation. In … More