WE Are One. Pain

— Last night after the seminar I experienced severe pain in the area of my heart. I could not sleep all night. What was that?  

— What is pain? We call everything we don’t like pain, but in reality, your heart is asking for attention. Dead people don’t feel pain. And most people consider a pain-free state to be the ideal state. As soon as they have the slightest ache, they rush to a doctor and do everything to turn into cadavers again. If something is hurting you, it means it is alive and asking for your attention. In defining your sensations as disease, you take pills or run to the hospital. I don’t get sick. I change. This is a different point of view. We are constantly changing creatures, and it is only our fixation on our constancy that forces us to throw away everything that is not congruent with our notions. As soon as we allow ourselves to change, we turn into something new.


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