Jealousy and the perception of separation

— This is the perception of separation again. When you start seeing that everybody else is you, then, when your girlfriend, as one of your parts, goes to another part of you, you feel happy for both of them. Jealousy appears out of the desire to receive love and attention only for yourself. You try to obtain love by using the wrong means, means that do not lead to love. You get jealous in order to receive more attention for yourself.

Feel happy for the one who does what he wants to do, because it is you who is doing it. This can be applied to family life. If your partner went to someone, he had his reasons for it. If you are afraid of him betraying you, this will happen. We get what we are afraid of.

This fear is your desire. There is nothing here except love. Fear is another manifestation of love, albeit a perverted form of it. When you are afraid that something will happen, you simultaneously desire it to happen.

— I don’t want to think about it. That can’t be true. I can’t desire it.

— But that is exactly what happens. Nothing happens here without your desiring it. If you are afraid of something, you think about it. You imagine it. If you imagine it, you want this to happen, and you will do everything for it to happen without seeing or understanding it. For example, you see a man and you imagine yourself being in bed with him. You want that to happen and simultaneously condemn yourself for it, i.e. you are afraid of it. By being afraid of it, you subconsciously want it to happen.


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