We Are One. Aggression is a cry for love

— We have already figured out that no one understands anyone here anyway, because the moral created here prevents us from understanding ourselves. As long as you are afraid of other people seeing you as bad, you will eternally run away from yourself.

— Is there a way out of this mess?

— Yes, there is a way out. The way out is to open all the doors and to allow yourself to say that you are who you are. We are both positive and negative at the same time. In reality, we are everything. Someone who is afraid to be called a prostitute is already a prostitute. 

People are afraid of words, but they don’t try to figure out what these words mean. What is prostitution? It is selling one’s body for money. What do people do in their so-called families? They do exactly that. They sell their bodies for security and money. I don’t see any difference. Who wants to see the difference? Everyone here is scared, and everyone is preoccupied with word manipulations. Let’s be sincere and see that every one of us has everything in him. Then, we are not going to be afraid to show ourselves to others.

— You do what you want, but you don’t understand who is it in you that wants it.

— You are right. I do it, even though I am afraid of it.

— What does it mean to be afraid? When you are afraid of something, your original desire is present in this fear. If you are afraid of being under someone’s command, it means that you have a desire for someone to command you. At the same time, you are afraid to consciously accept this desire and you deny it. This is neither good nor bad. This is a fact. Everyone commands everyone here. What’s wrong with that? But a man says that he is afraid of being under someone’s command, i.e. he cannot acknowledge his desire. At the same time, he satisfies the desires of other people. People ask him for something, and he does it. As you can see, one fact or act can be viewed differently.

— But I don’t find it pleasant.

— Then why do you do it? If you do something, it means it agrees with you. Until you acknowledge that you want to do that, you will continue to see it as a problem. You must do it with a full understanding that you want it yourself. It does not matter what you do; your attitude toward it matters.

— If we were to accept that a human being is love, then who can command him? Can we see anything as a command in that case?

— A human being does what he does only if he wants to do it. But words are used afterwards to define something as good or bad. People react to words. If you do something or do not do something, you like it. Look inside and try to understand this.

— I like when people ask me for help.

— You experience pleasure in that case. However, when someone asks you for something and you judge it to be an order, you do it without experiencing pleasure.

— Yes.

— So, what makes you dissatisfied in that case? Your perception about where a human being, who asked you for something, is coming from is what dissatisfies you. Is he asking or demanding? If you see it as a demand, you feel displeasure. So, what do you want? Do you want to be in a state of love? How can you remain in a constant state of love?

— I have to change my attitude.

— Stop seeing and calling something an order. Someone can call something an order or he can call it a favor. Who appraises that? You do. Who has the keys to the door of your happiness?

— I do.

— Do you use them? These keys are universal and can be applied to any situation. Your attitude toward any situation is determined by how you see it. Who is assessing it? You are assessing it yourself, and you can assess it the way you want. For example, someone is screaming at you. You will not get angry if you feel that you are being screamed at out of love.

What is a command? What is a manipulation? Who tries to manipulate others more than anybody else? It’s the one who needs something. What do people need? Love. Everyone needs love here. But when you assess it to be the manifestation of power, an attempt to control you, whether you do it or not, you experience fear and dislike. What do you see in someone who attacks you? Do you see an attempt to manipulate you or a plea for love?

— I am in the habit of  seeing it as a manipulation.

— A master understands that aggression is a cry for love. It’s one thing to see an enemy in the aggressor and try to defend oneself from him or her, and another thing to see an aggressor as a human being who is desperate for love. Will you defend yourself, attack him, or give him what he so desperately wants?

— Are you saying that the aggressive people have a minimal supply of love?

— They are deeply unhappy because of the absence of love in their life. That’s the reason they manifest aggression. Look at it this way and your attitude toward them will change drastically. You will not perceive them to be your enemies anymore.

— I asked myself why I don’t always do what other people ask me to do, and I realized that I live with the notion that I don’t have anything to give. I consider myself deprived. I experienced a feeling of guilt. It was followed by anger directed toward myself and toward those who ask me to do something for them. I realize that I need to find and create a new version of myself, in which I have something to give people. I feel that this is happening already. There is a different kind of love, and it is not necessary to completely submit to everything other people want from me. I can give what I have at that moment, and that can help someone else. I can do something sincerely, from the heart, that will change the situation.  

— In order to become love, you simply have to make a choice.



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