We Are One. The high is based on the low

— Negativity closes my heart. I always wanted to feel goodness, and only goodness.

— Negative and positive are two sides of one coin. One hand washes the other. Tell me, which hand is washing which?

How can you know what light is if you don’t know what darkness is? The notion of light itself comes out of the notion of darkness, and vice versa. They are linked together. Don’t lean on one side, as you will not understand the whole.

— My desire to have a grandiose assignment has diminished.

— The grandiosity is not in the mind. It is in the heart.

— I lived my whole life walking on my toes trying to reach for the stars. 

— You can live in this state all your life. At some point, you will have to relax and stand on your feet.

— This state is subsiding, but I am used to it and want to be in it all the time, as without it I don’t have enough energy. Everything I have achieved in life, I achieved only because I wanted to become worthy. Ten years after I got married, it started to subside. My desire to invent something grandiose remains, but nothing comes out of it.    

— I can’t imagine anything more grandiose than what we are doing. If a heavy weight lifter continues to increase his effort all the time, he will break. He needs to get to the mat, lift the weight, and drop it down. He cannot stand all day with the weight up in the air. There are moments when you must exert yourself, and there are moments when you must relax. These are periods. These periods can change during a day, a month, and a year.

To take off, you need to get low. You are getting ready to take off now. The hardest work occurs right now. During the time when this work occurs, it appears that nothing is happening.

The wisdom of life is in allowing yourself to relax. This change between excitation and relaxation is very important. You must learn how to achieve your aim and how to be in a state of aimlessness. You can set up an aim and achieve it. Then, you need to allow yourself to spend some time in aimless wandering. 

You need to use this opposite side to save up energy for the next jump. This is a beautiful period during which something new gets born. Otherwise, you are going to repeat the same thing again and again. This period provides you with an opportunity to receive something greater. You are standing on the doorstep of it.

— But, the waiting period is getting longer and longer. One stands and stands on the doorstep wanting to enter. 

— Do not hurry. Everything will happen in due time. Learn to wait. This is very important, and you can only see it by being calm and silent. The ability to act is also very important. The waiting period can be so long that one may lose the ability to act.

One must learn to relax not only the body, but the thoughts and feelings as well. The conditioned mind does not allow our bodies to relax. The body is very wise. If you don’t push it very hard, it will live an amazing life. Look at cats. They know how to relax and how to collect themselves in an instant.

— I felt as if  a second wind opened up in the area of my heart. I had a sensation that I am everything and that everything is me, but then I felt tired and sleepy. 

— Those words sound like a prayer. Christians say, “Create the prayer within your heart”. Be in your heart all the time. You don’t need to pray using words if you have moved to the heart. Being in the heart means you have come home. Be at home. Enjoy being there. 

Information comes during the day, but it is absorbed during sleep. You need to have a good night sleep. Pay a lot of attention and love to your body. It is very important for our work, as the body is an apparatus that accepts information. It should always be in a good shape. It should be taken care of. It should be loved.

Our process relates to the opening of all energy centers. There are thirteen of them. Connection with the solar, intergalactic, and universe systems starts with the seventh chakra. Our life force is in the first chakra. It is called Kundalini.

When chakras start to open, Kundalini starts to move up through all the chakras. It can be followed by different and sometimes unusual sensations in your body and activation of the mental activity of the conditioned mind. It can get activated and create constant noise. It is to be expected with the upward movement of Kundalini. Just observe it as interference.

— I clearly saw that I attract pleasant things and try to repel everything unpleasant. I have never perceived this as a lesson passed, which ended in the acquisition of a certain experience. I feel that I don’t want to experience unpleasant states. They are not good for me. 

— By submerging into the darkness, you intensify the light. The deeper you submerge, the stronger the light. It’s the passage through darkness that intensifies the light. The negative states you speak of are not a punishment but a huge opportunity. I can understand the light only as much as I understand the darkness. This continues through eternity. So, learn to enjoy difficulties.

— I always crave a steak after the seminar.    

— Regulate what you eat. When you enter very high levels of consciousness, you can leave this reality for good. In order for this not to happen, you need to eat some meat to ground yourself.

— I agree. I participated in a group that studied certain esoteric spiritual practices. We were not allowed to eat meat there, but I craved it so much, I was breaking the rules. I noticed that those that did not eat meat spoke about love a lot, but were very angry. I read your books during that time, and I started to openly express my feelings. I was talking about the fact that we don’t love people around us, as we see our shadow side in our neighbors, and those encounters are not always pleasant. I left that group. When I go deep inside myself, I start to harmonize my life and my relationships. 

— People think they get rid of their aggression by eating meat free diet, but in reality they become more aggressive and try to force others not to eat meat, insisting on the vegetarian kitchen and their goodness, but aggression just flows out of them.

— The more serious I am about something, the funnier my “clown” gets. I don’t want to relate to life seriously. During childhood, I was very natural. People around me did not like it. I had to fight them all the time. Turns out I was fighting myself.

— Life can be seen as a deck of cards. We drop these cards one after another, and at the end we are left with a joker. When you finally dump him, you become free in your choice of a life path.

— It is funny to see how seriously I used to take  things that in reality are the illusions. 

— It is precisely one’s inability to laugh at oneself that allows him to maintain the illusion as reality. It is difficult to deal with very serious people, because they cannot detach. They are so serious that they get completely identified with their beliefs.

Laughter allows you to exit borders. A good joke is always a paradox. It brings laughter that allows you to exit the limits of the conflict of oppositions.


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