Ajnabi. Part #6

I have heard….

From time to time, saints are allowed to visit the earth in disguise. Saint Theresa had long wanted to pay a visit to Hollywood, but Gabriel, who was in charge of the roster, thought that even a saint would not be able to come through unscathed after visiting the movie capital.

Eventually, however, Saint Theresa persuaded him that no harm would come to her, and she set off on the first available earth-bound cloud.

The weeks stretched into months without any word from earth, so one day a very worried Gabriel put through a telephone call to Los Angeles.

The connection was made, the phone rang, and finally a voice said, ‘Terry here — who is this? Gabby-darling! How absolutely marvellous to hear from you…. ‘

Now Saint Theresa is no longer Saint Theresa — she is Terry. And Gabriel is no longer Gabriel — he is Gabby-darling. Hollywood has corrupted Saint Theresa.

Your so-called saints are only avoiding the world; they are repressed beings. If opportunities are made available to them, they will fall far lower than you. They are just somehow holding themselves back because of the fear of hell and the greed for heaven. But whatsoever you have repressed because of fear or greed remains there. It not only remains there, it becomes unnatural, perverted, moves into deeper realms of your consciousness and unconsciousness. And then it becomes very difficult to uproot it.

Gurdjieff was a Sufi. His whole teaching comes from Sufi Masters. He introduced methods into the Western world of how to demark each centre, and how to allow the centre to function in its own field. The head should function as far as reason is concerned, that’s all.

Have you watched? Sometimes people come to me and they say, ‘I think I love you.’ I think I love you! Love has nothing to do with thinking. How can you think that you love me? But they don’t know how to function from the heart directly, even the heart has to go via the head. They cannot simply say, ‘I love you.’

Just the other night a beautiful Italian woman took sannyas. I gave her the name ‘Prem Nishanga’. She was a woman of the heart, something rare. She was so happy she almost started dancing. There was no need to say anything, her whole body said it. She went into such ecstasy that you can go on saying in a thousand ways, shouting with joy, and it will not be as deep as just by going into ecstasy. I don’t know what she was saying because she was saying it in Italian, but her face, her eyes, her hands, her whole body was saying it. There was no need to understand her language; the language was irrelevant. When you say from the heart, no language is needed. When you say from the head, only language can say; there is no other way to say it.

Watch and observe. Let the head function as reason, let the heart function as feeling, let the sex centre function as sex. Let everything function in its own way. Don’t allow mechanisms to mix into each other, otherwise you will have corrupted instincts.

When instinct is natural, untabooed, spontaneous, without any inhibition, there is a clarity in your body, a harmony in your body. There is a humming sound in your organism.

The fifth layer is also male expertise.

The sixth layer is corrupted intuition.

There is a phenomenon called intuition of which we have become almost unaware. We don’t know that anything like intuition exists — because intuition is the sixth layer. Those five layers are so thick that one never comes to feel the sixth.

Intuition is a totally different kind of phenomenon from reason. Reason argues; reason uses a process to reach a conclusion. Intuition jumps — it is a quantum leap. It knows no process. It simply reaches to the conclusion without any process.

There have been many mathematicians who could do any kind of mathematical problem without going into its process. Their functioning was intuitive. You just say the problem and before you have even said it, the conclusion will come. There has not been a time-gap at all. You were saying it, and the moment you finished, or even before you finished, the conclusion has come. Mathematicians have always been puzzled by these freak phenomena. These people — how do they do it? If a mathematician were going to do this problem it might take three hours or two hours or one hour. Even a computer will take at least a few minutes to do it, but these people don’t take a single moment. You say it, and instantly….

So in mathematics, intuition is now a recognised fact. When reason fails, only intuition can work. And all the great scientists have become aware of it: that all their great discoveries are made not by reason but by intuition.

Madame Curie was working for three years upon a certain problem and was trying to solve it from many directions. Every direction failed. One night, utterly exhausted, she went to sleep, and she decided…. The incident is almost like Buddha. That night she decided, ‘Now it is enough. I have wasted three years. It seems to be a futile search. I have to drop it.’ That night she dropped it, and went to sleep.

In the night she got up in her sleep, she went to her table and wrote the answer. Then she went back, and fell into sleep. In the morning she could not even remember, but the answer was there on the table. And there was nobody in the room, and even if there had been somebody, the answer would not have been possible. She had been working for three years — one of the greatest minds of this age. But there was nobody and the answer was there. Then she looked more minutely: it was her handwriting! Then suddenly the dream surfaced. She remembered it as if she had seen a dream in the night in which she was sitting at the table and writing something. Then by and by everything surfaced. She had come to the conclusion from some other door which was not reason. It was intuition.

Buddha struggled for six years to attain samadhi, but could not. One day he dropped the whole idea of attaining. He rested under a tree and by the morning it had happened. When he opened his eyes he was in samadhi.

But first the reason had to be exhausted. Intuition functions only when reason is exhausted. Intuition has no process; it simply jumps from the problem to the conclusion. It is a shortcut. It is a flash.

We have corrupted intuition. Man’s intuition is almost absolutely corrupted. Woman’s intuition is not corrupted as much — that’s why women have something called a ‘hunch’. A hunch is just a fragment of intuition. It cannot be proved. You are going to take a flight and your woman simply says that she is not going and she will not allow you to go either. She feels as if something is going to happen. Now this is nonsense. You have much work to do, everything is planned, and you have to go — but your woman won’t allow it. And the next day you read in the newspapers that the aeroplane was hijacked, or it crashed and all the passengers died.

Now the woman cannot say how she knows. There is no way. It is just a hunch, just a feeling in the guts. But that too is very corrupted, that’s why it is just a flash. When all the five other layers have disappeared and you have dropped fixed ideas — because you have been taught that reason is the only door to reach to any conclusion — when you have dropped this fixation, this reason fixation, intuition starts flowering. Then it is not just like a flash, it is a constantly available source. You can close your eyes and you can go into it and always you can get the right direction from it.

That’s what Fischer-Hoffman people think of as the guide. If the process really goes in…. It is very difficult, because those five layers have to be crossed first. And I don’t think many people are capable of it, even those who are in Fisher-Hoffman therapy. But the idea is perfectly right — if those five layers are broken then something arises in you which can be called the guide. You can always go into your intuition energy and you will always find the right advice. In the East that is what they have called the inner guru, your inner Master. Once your intuition has started functioning, you need not go and ask any outer guru for any advice.

Intuition is to be in tune with oneself, totally in tune with oneself. And out of that tuning, solutions arise from nowhere.

And the seventh and the last layer of falsity is the pseudo self, the ego; the notions of being unique, special, exceptional; the notions of doing one’s own thing… and you don’t know who you are, you don’t know what your thing is.

Notions of the ego go on corrupting you. Then you cannot listen to the truth. And this becomes a problem every day.

Just the other day I was talking about Hannah. Rather than understanding what I said, rather than understanding, rather than feeling my compassion — because why else should I say it? — she immediately went to the office and cancelled the darshan appointment which she had. She became very angry. Now I was talking about her ego, but rather than seeing it, she acted out of it again. She missed the point again.

And the other day I was also talking about Prageet. He was better than Hannah. He asked for an appointment, he took it more rightly. Of course he was very much shaken; it was hard to digest, hard to swallow. But he tried his best to see the point of it. He made every effort that he could.

Or, for example, I go on hammering on Chinmaya, again and again. I never hammer anybody else as much as I hammer Chinmaya, but he takes it absolutely rightly, in the exact way as it should be taken. And each hammering has become a growth in him; each hammering has helped him — he is moving.

Hannah got stopped there. She may lose contact with me.

This is the last layer: a very subtle pseudo sense of self.

When these seven are broken, you come to the state of BAKA, real individuality, And when you have real individuality then there is a possibility of having a real non being. From real individuality, BAKA, YOU can have the jump into FANA. Then you can offer yourself to God. This is the whole process.


Now this beautiful dialogue between a Master and his disciple. Now you will be able to understand.


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