Aphorisms 2014

To understand something means to stop doing it the old way

No awareness of the received experience means that the experience continues

If one wants to get someone upset, one would find someone who wants to get upset

If you oppress someone with awareness, you don’t understand what awareness is

Morals are the main reason for condemnation and guilt

If someone screams at you externally it is your own internal part screaming

Request for forgiveness confirms guilt

Your notions of good and evil are relative

The only sin is not to be aware

The major fear of the EGO is to see that it does not exist

Harmony is in the balance of two sides of duality

Lie is when someone says something that you do not consider to be the truth

To fight fear is to enforce it

To desire something stronger one needs to enforce what one desires in oneself

Our process is to exit out of every single conditioning created in and by the mind

Fear is a hidden desire

Loss of fear is loss of life

Fear is fuel human’s ego works on

Fear grows through self-pity and condemnation of others

See that what you are afraid of, you already have

Choice exists only when you see two opposite sides in yourself

Not a single question is left without the answer. Do you see that?

Holistic seeing is action

The one who condemns considers himself to be right, otherwise he is not going to condemn

You cannot change what you don’t see

Pity and Guilt transfer into Oppression, while Oppression transfers into Pity and Guilt

There is only one thing constant in life—change

There can be no winners in your fight with yourself

The more you fight someone or something, the more you become this someone or something

Fight is an accepted method of life in this reality

One can fight for health only if one happens to be sick

Disease is a result of your condemnation of yourself

You condemn others for what you do not allow yourself to manifest

In order to understand uourself, you need to understand duality of your personality

Asserting one side of the truth, you lie in relationship to the whole

Love your enemy, as he is you

Are you ready to see your enemy inside yourself?

That is reinforced what we pay attention to



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