Ajnabi. Part #5

Listen, I have heard….

The man was drowning. ‘Help, I can’t swim! I can’t swim!’ he cried.

‘I can’t either,’ said the old man sitting on the river bank chewing tobacco. ‘But I’m not hollerin’ about it!’

Now this is perfectly rational, ‘Why are you hollerin’ about it? You can’t swim, neither can I. So keep quiet.’

But you are sitting on the bank and he is in the river; the situation is different, the context is different.

When Buddha says something, you can repeat the same thing but the context is different. When Mohammed says something, you can repeat exactly the same thing. but it will not mean the same thing — because the context is different. And the context matters, not what you say. It is not what you say but who you are that matters.

I have heard….

Donnegan sat in the confessional. ‘Father,’ he moaned, ‘I have done something so bad, you are going to throw me out of the church.’

‘What did you do, my son?’ asked the priest.

‘Yesterday,’ said Donnegan, ‘I saw my wife sashaying in front of me and it got me so excited I grabbed her, ripped off her clothes, threw her down on the floor, and we had sex right then and there.’

‘That is a little unusual,’ said the priest, ‘but no reason for excommunication.’

‘Are you sure you’re not going to throw me out of the church?’

‘Of course not.’

‘Well,’ said Donnegan, ‘they threw us out of the super-market!’

It all depends on the context — who you are, where you are. It depends from what point of view, from what experience, you utter. I use the same words that you use, but they don’t mean the same, they can’t mean the same. When I utter them I utter them, when you utter them you utter them. The words are the same but because they come from different spaces they carry a different meaning, a different connotation, different flavors, a different music.

The pseudo reasoning is just apparent reasoning, it is not knowing. It is more for the sake of finding excuses; it is more for the sake of argumentation. In this kind of deceiving, the male mind is very expert. This is the male mind’s expertise. He has learned the art very deeply. This filter is very, very strong in the male mind.

Real reasoning arises only when pseudo reasoning has been dropped. What is real reason?

Karl Jasper has defined it perfectly. He says: Reason is openness, reason is clarity, reason is the will to unity. Reason uses logic, its methods and categories of understanding, just to transcend them. Reason is the ultimate flowering of wisdom.

But not pseudo reasoning. Beware of the pseudo. The pseudo always creates a filter and the real always becomes a door. The real is always a bridge and the pseudo is always a block.

This third, pseudo reasoning layer is one of the greatest disturbances in your being.

The fourth layer is emotionality, sentimentalism. It is pseudo feeling, much ado about nothing, much fuss. The female mind is very expert at this. It is kind of empty; it is just on the surface. It is impotent sympathy; it does not do a thing. If somebody is ill, you sit by their side and you cry. Your crying is not going to help. I he house 1S on tire and you cry. That is not going to help either. This pseudo kind of feeling has to be detected, otherwise you will never know what real feeling is. The real feeling is involvement, commitment. It is empathy not only sympathy. It is action.

Whenever you really feel something in your heart, it immediately transforms you, it becomes action. That is the criterion — your feeling becomes action. If your feeling just remains a feeling and never becomes an action, then know well it is pseudo. Then you are deceiving yourself or somebody else.

Many times people come to me and they say, ‘Osho, we feel much love for you. We understand what you say, but…. ‘ That ‘but’ destroys all that they have said before. They say, ‘We feel that what you are saying is right, that what you are doing is right, but we cannot become sannyasins.’ If you feel that what I am saying is right, if you feel that what I am saying is truth, then how can you avoid becoming sannyasins? It is impossible. Then your feeling would become action, then your feeling would become commitment — otherwise what is the point?

One can never go against one’s heart. If you are still going against your own heart then you must have a pseudo heart — a pretender. Just as the third is the field for male expertise, the fourth is the field for female expertise.

The fifth layer is corrupted, poisoned instincts, repression, disfiguration.

Gurdjieff used to say that all your centers are overlapping each other, are misplaced, are interfering with each other, are trespassing, and you don’t know what is what. Each center in its own functioning is beautiful, but when it starts interfering into somebody else’s functioning, then there is great difficulty; then the whole system goes neurotic.

For example, if your sex center functions as a sex center, it is perfectly good. But people have been repressing it so much that in many people the sex center does not exist in their genitals, it has moved into their head. This is what overlapping is. Now they make love through their head — hence the great importance of pornography, visualization. Even while making love to your woman you may be thinking of some beautiful actress — that you are making love to her. Then suddenly you become interested in making love to your woman. In fact, your own woman is non-existential. It is a kind of masturbation. You are not making love to her, you are making love to somebody else who is not there. You go on fantasizing in the head.

Religious repression has disturbed all your centers. It is very difficult even to see that your centers are separate. And, functioning in its own field, each center is perfectly right. When it interferes with another field, then problems arise. Then there is a confusion of your totality. Then you don’t know what is what.

Sex can be transformed when it is confined to its own center, it cannot be transformed from the head. It has created a pseudo center in the head.



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