TGL #16. Where does fear come from?

How can we get rid of fears? How can we fight them of? You probably asked yourself these questions. Psychologists offer different techniques to overcome fears. But can you really get rid of fears?

It is presumed that a normal human being is usually not afraid. I, on the other hand, offer you to look at a human being as a battery that works up the energy of fear. The only thing that people experience here is fear in different manifestations. This is not a fruit of my imagination and not my philosophy of life. This is a clear vision of a human personality construct. That’s what today’s letter is about.

Where does fear come from?

Few days ago I watched a program about the extreme sports. People on motorcycles were jumping over huge trailers. In the interview these guys were saying, “This sport is very frightening, but this is also kaif*”. They were all saying the same thing using different words. They used the comparisons, “This is similar to a car crash, but usually you survive”.

Many of them were traumatized multiple times. They were showing their scars and saying, “I have to continue doing this, because this is the best experience I had”. One of them jumped over sixteen trailers on his motorcycle. That was his record. Afterwards, he exclaimed, “Today was the brightest and the most vivid day of my life!”

What’s going on here? All these things are coupled with fear. Different extreme sports are being developed lately. All of them are connected with danger. Why do these sports attract people so strongly?

Some people climb mountains, others ski down dangerous mountain slopes in extreme conditions, yet others jump on the motorcycles. All these activities are coupled with fear, i.e. participants are facing a good possibility of being injured or dying in the process. However, people are attracted to these sports. Why? What is the mechanism here?

— I think it has to do with getting to know the value of life.

— Perhaps, after they manifest these fears, they feel …   

— Fear is unpleasant. What is fear? Fear is a constriction. When you are afraid, you physically feel how everything in you constricts.

— Thoughts are absent.  

— You still have thoughts when you are afraid, and these thoughts are connected to the pictures of what you are afraid of.

— It seems that we are afraid because we have imagination.  

— This is not the only reason we are afraid. Let’s review the mechanism of fear development. We are afraid of something. Imagine something scary. Paint a picture of your fear. Everyone have fears. What happens in your body?

What happens to a scared human being? He gets constricted. His saliva dries up. On a physiological level there is constriction of blood vessels. That’s a physiologic mechanism of body reaction to fear. Blood vessels constrict. That prevents normal blood flow. That’s how heart attacks and strokes develop. This is a sophisticated mechanism. The opposite side of this mechanism regulates and prevents these coronary events and strokes. This mechanism operates on adrenaline.

So, what are these people involved in extreme sports are looking for? They are looking for adrenaline.

And what is adrenaline? Adrenalin is a hormone which gets excreted during moments of fear. Its presence also leads to widening of the blood vessels. This function protects the organism from heart attacks and strokes. But it has a very interesting quality—it is coupled with kaif. It’s a narcotic.

This method of manufacturing this narcotic is used not only by people involved in extreme sports. It is used by everyone. We are dealing with the internal factory of addiction. You don’t need to buy drugs of the street or to go to a doctor. You just create this reaction inside of you without even understanding it.

You don’t even know this mechanism. But everyone experiences it. Everyone has his own extreme way, chooses his or her own «sport». By «sport» I mean any extreme form of interaction that leads to fear, and results in release of adrenaline. If you were to ask a human being, “What are you doing?”, he would say, “This is very scary! I don’t want that”, but he continues to do it again and again.

For example, a family conflict creates a threat and adrenaline is released. One does not have to ride a motorcycle; adrenaline can be released during interpersonal communication, or many other situations. This is the mechanism of life in fear.

People don’t want to give up fear. Why? They don’t want to give it up because through fear they receive adrenaline. Look how interesting it is. Escalation of fear leads to increase in adrenaline. People are hooked on adrenaline high. That’s why fear is so persistent.

— People don’t want to get rid of it.  

— They don’t. Using certain mechanisms people transform fear into kaif. Poets say, “Take it to extreme and let it turn to happiness”. They express it differently, but it is the same mechanism. You have to reach the summit and to experience a heavy-duty stress. That leads to release of adrenaline. Not understanding this mechanism, people are hooked on fear.

We reviewed fear from the physiological point of view. But human being is made of the physical body and personality. Can we physically touch and feel personality? No. But we can feel and touch the physical body. Personality cannot be touched physically, but it is present nevertheless.

Who rules the physical body? Why do you choose certain things? Why do you have certain preferences? Is this an attribute of the body or personality? It is an attribute of the personality. Personality is built on duality. It has one side that you are aware of, and another side which you are not aware of: two opposite sides of one duality.

For example, you consider yourself smart, but you are also dumb. But you are not aware of this side. You consider yourself successful, but you also have a side which is not successful. But you are not aware of this side. The personality is dual. Fear appears as a result of a fight that continues non-stop between two sides of one personality. If I am smart, then I am not stupid, right? If I am stupid, then I am not successful. If I am a woman, then I am not a man. That’s how the mind operates.

If I am active, then I am not passive. If I am passive, then I am not active. If I am a good mother, then I am not a bad mother. If I am a bad mother, then I am not a good mother. If my actions are correct, then I don’t perform actions which are incorrect. And if I do something incorrectly, then I do it badly, and therefore, I am bad. So, I am either good or bad.

However, both sides are present in one’s personality simultaneously. And what is their relationship? They chronically fight to death, tooth and nail. This war occurs inside a human being, and the result of this war is a state of fear. Fear is a state of interaction of two opposite parts of personality, one of which a human being is not aware of. The fight occurs all the time.

But there is a peculiar moment here. Whatever I don’t accept in myself, I project onto others. It appears to me that I fight others, but in reality, I fight myself. That’s how I realize fear constantly. I am constantly in fear. This is a very important moment. A human being experiences nothing but a state of fear, but he does not feel it. He only feels it infrequently, when the threshold of habitual fear is exceeded. At that point he says, “Yes. I am afraid”.

If you were to ask a guy of the street whether he experiences fear or not, he would say, “Once in a while I am afraid, but it does not happen frequently”. And if you were to tell him, “I am afraid all the time,” he would say, “You need to see a psychiatrist. You are not normal”. It is a common notion here that a normal human being is not afraid. I, on the other hand, assert that a human being experiences nothing but fear in this reality. One simply gets used to this state and considers it to be normal. But when one exceeds certain, acceptable for him norm of fear, one says, “Yes, I was afraid”.

The upbringing here happens to proceed in such a way that a man, for example, cannot admit fear at all. He should not be afraid of anything. A woman can be afraid and can cry. But not a business woman. And as we can see now more and more women turn into men, and the society starts to apply these norms to them too.

If a woman administrator admits of being afraid of something or cry, she would be fired. A hysterical house wife will be tolerated by her husband for a while—that’s their business. But too frequent hysterics can tire him also. At work on the other hand, it is totally unacceptable.

— That’s my story.  

— It is everyone’s story. What I discuss is a description of what is, the way it is. It is not my fantasy. It is not my thoughts about life. It’s a clear vision of what is happening here.

Where does this clear vision come from? It comes not from this world. Two parts are manifested in me. These two parts are present in all people. They are simply over-expressed in me. There is a part that is not of this world, and there is also a dual personality that is of this world. And the part that is not of this world investigates the part that is of this world.

This has nothing to do with channeling where a certain essence tells someone something. I don’t channel anyone. What you see and what you hear is me: this is me, and that is me.

The specifics of my investigation led me to learn fear very well. I came here with an assignment to investigate the Matrix, and I created conditions for myself where I had to experience it in minute details. The fact is, I also participate in extreme sport, but I do it in the psychological world. I learned all these mechanisms, because I am a good sportsman. I exercise every day, and not only in the gym.

Observe your reactions to the events of your day. See fear behind the situations where you experience states of irritation, anger, and dislike. In the situations when you experience happiness and pleasure, observe your fear of these states to end.

Using the knowledge of the dual make up of a personality, determine which dual side of your personality creates fear. Manifestation of which side of the duality makes you afraid in the behavior of a human being that irritates you? Manifestation of which of your side do you expect, being afraid of the completion of pleasant experiences?


* Kaif or Kif – from Arabic kayf – pleasure. Any drug or agent that when smoked is capable of producing a euphoric condition. The euphoric condition produced by smoking marijuana.


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