The Observer. Part #11

What does the state you are in carry to people around you?

— You can act free when you feel aware, when you are in your essence. When you are anxious, excited, and beside yourself, irrespective of what you do, you will give birth to the same state.

We are discussing some novel ideas now. Let’s say, you have memorized them. But going home on a bus, someone steps on your foot or a thief pinches a wallet out of your pocket. You come home in a totally different state. You remember what we have discussed, but your state has changed.  You try to discuss these ideas with your spouse or your friend. You are angry and you want to hit someone, but you try to be nice, all knowing, and to show some empathy instead. You start to discuss these novel ideas being in a completely inharmonious state. Do you think people will understand you? What do your words will carry in such case? When someone is beside himself, everything he says, feels, and does is disharmonious and unconvincing. Therefore, before you talk to someone about something, you need to bring yourself to a calm and centered inner state. That’s the essence of our work. As soon as you feel irritated, you need to increase your awareness of your state. You need to constantly observe your inner states.

People usually track what they say to other people, how they say it, where they go, what they buy, what kind of gifts they buy to their friends, etc. These are external things. The results of your external actions will depend on your inner state. You bought a great present being in a state of anger. What will this present bring to your friend? It will bring anger.

Don’t be surprised to feel nausea after eating an apple, if a man you buy apples from is constantly irritated. His state will be transmitted to you through the apple you eat.

The state we are in while we do something is extremely important. Actually, it is not what we do that is most important, but what state we are while we do it. What’s important is not what we say, but which state we are in when we say it. The awareness of our inner state is of utmost importance here. I constantly remind you of that! I repeat: “Be aware! Be aware of your thoughts! Be aware of your feelings! Be aware of your sensations!”

Let’s say you came to someone and you started to say something mechanically. Suddenly, you recall my question, “What do I feel now?” and you see that you feel irritation. You observe your state and it changes.

You need to do this. You need to experience this. By becoming aware, you become calm. In such case, everything will proceed well and harmoniously. You have to constantly observe your inner states. Don’t judge them. Don’t try to define them. People are afraid to be coughed at. They are afraid to get infected. It is good to be externally clean, but external cleanliness is insignificant when compared to dirt that is transmitted through words, moods, and actions. The viruses of irritation, jealousy, and fear can be transmitted very fast. The only way you can stop these diseases is to shift your attention inside and to observe your states.

— I was in such a crazy state earlier, but you’ve said, “Stop! Observe!”, and I have experienced this. What you have just discussed is really true. I am in a totally different state now. I am calm and balanced.

— Great. It is sometimes necessary to scream at a human being so he would become aware of himself. Some people consider it strange. One Russian writer described a a man who spoke for two hours. He was unable to stop. His friend had to brake a lamp in order to switch him to a different state.

Who wants to share his experience of awareness? How often do you observe your inner states? For example, you start a conversation while being stressed and anxious. How does it usually ends.



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