The Observer. Part #10

The Observer can observe. Observation leads to changes.
You know that you are getting close when you start to see your constant and eternal “groundhog day”.
The Observer is a spectator. When the actor starts to see himself as a spectator, he starts to experience the state of this spectator. When he gets bored with a show, he leaves the show.
The actor who plays the same part thousands of times, experiencing the same role and the same states again and again, does not see it. Only the spectator, i.e. the Observer can see it.
The more you enter this spectator, i.e. the Observer, the more amazing it gets. The Observer knows everything already. The spectator, who has been watching this show for eternity, knows everything. He knows who will say what, and where every actor will go to.
The more time you spend in the Observer, the more you see the monotony of the repetitiveness of the mechanisms.

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