310. The Axiom change

The axiom of the Old world and the axiom of the New world

The axiom of the New world is understanding. The axiom of the Old world is not understanding.

The axiom of the world of survival is «Divide, and conquer the divided based on their not understanding ». Pint offers another axiom to create the New world. It is called «Unity and partnership of the opposites». This axiom offers understanding.

The power of not understanding is the basic power in the matrix of survival. The managing system of this world works to puff up self-importance in multiple forms.

The New World is governed by the New Axiom, and the basic power there is power of Understanding. Can we create the world where the basic power of management will be the power of understanding?

You start to understand when you start to see your personal program. When you start to see the mechanisms of the fight of the opposite sides of your personal program and start to decipher this game, you start to see the illusory nature of this self-importance. Instead of self-importance you start to develop understanding. Out of this understanding partnership is born.

Importance rules when you don’t understand your personal program. Trying to be important, you have to constantly push down and subordinate your opposite side.  This is the power of not understanding, which in the Old World is used to puff up self-importance. Not many people want to refuse this self-importance.

Not understanding is the payment for self-importance. When you give up this self-importance by seeing its mechanisms, you receive understanding. Understanding is the prize of the New World. The prize of the Old World is self-importance. This is the prize everyone is fighting for here.

The power of not understanding is the fuel that moves your personal program.

How is the program made?

The way the program is inculcated in us presupposes the fight of two opposite systems.

You have both dad’s seed and mom’s seed in you. If you choose dad’s program, you will be afraid to become mom. However, you also happen to be mom—subconsciously. This inner fight between two opposite seeds of yours is easily visible. That’s where fear is coming from, but no one understands it. A human being is so completely preoccupied with this fight that he does not understand what’s going on.
The Axiom change

Change in the axiom will lead to change in the system of management.

Power changes in the old axiom create an illusion of management change. In reality, the essence of management does not change. The axiom itself is not being questioned. We can discuss the axiom only if we see it. We can only see it from a certain level of consciousness. It cannot be seen on the lower levels of consciousness. Your ability to see and understand is determined by the level of consciousness you happen be at.

Human thoughts are moving inside a certain closed sphere. It is closed by the level of consciousness humanity currently happen to occupy. People cannot exit the borders of this level of consciousness. They do not even know that this closed sphere exists.

Your seeing the limitations of your own vision points to the fact that you are getting in touch with the consciousness of a different level. Otherwise, you cannot even see it; you will have an impression that what you are in is the entire world. You cannot even imagine that this is just a small part of it. That’s where self-importance comes from.


The state of the New World

The state of the New World can be compared to the state of weightlessness. We need to master the state of the New World. This is not a habitual state for us.

Changes in the personal program will start to occur only when you start to see your program. You will start seeing your program as a result of investigating and sorting it out. As a result of this investigation and review, you will start to experience transformation and at the end your states will start to change. The end result is a state where there is no war.

Changes in your states will lead to changes in your physical body and to its transformation into the body of Quantum Leap. Your emotional states are interconnected with your physical body. Therefore, you cannot receive the body of the Quantum Leap unless you change your states.

Neutral state

As you continue to investigate your program, you will slowly become neutral.

You have to master your ability not to get involved. This is very important. You should become neutral to fight calls that come to you from the outside world. But don’t forget, what comes to you from the outside is what you have inside. As you slowly become aware and continue to clean up your inner structure, you will observe that the calls the external world sends you inviting you to a fight are diminishing in numbers. This is the criteria of work being done!

Tranquility is acceptance of what is happening. You cannot accept anything if you are involved in a fight. You get excited when you are in a fight. You want one thing, but you get something else. This is endless. Only when you start to observe everything that happens to you from the higher level of consciousness, for which everything that happens here is a dream, you will stop being a dream, and turn into a dream-seer. That’s when you will achieve tranquility. As you master your dream-seeing capabilities, you will get calmer and calmer.

If you are not tranquil, you are still in the phase of solving your assignment.


You have just read the aphorisms from the book «Game with the cards open», 2013.


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