How does pride appear?

— Pride appears as a result of one’s identification with one part of a duality, and associated contempt and antagonism toward another side. Take a look at your own pride. The pride of the so-called spiritual people is connected to spirituality. A spiritual person activates the duality “spiritual—material” and experiences pride by comparing himself with non-spiritual people, who are not right, who don’t know, don’t understand, and who are not aware. In identifying oneself with one side of a particular duality, one fights its opposite side. That’s how experience is accumulated in every duality.

You identify with one side and start fighting the opposite side, mechanically acquiring the experience connected with a particular duality. Take a look at religious wars and crusades that are led to fight the infidel. The same thing can be seen in every war, which reflects the feud between the opposite sides of ethnic, religious, political, economic, cultural, and other dualities.

— “True—False.”

— Wait. We need to get to the “True” first. We have to figure out how the mechanism of duality functions. Until we understand it, we will not understand anything, because “True—false” is another duality. Everything here is a result of mentation of the conditioned mind. Perception that people consider to be real comes precisely from the dual nature of the conditioned mind. Until we understand the working mechanisms of duality, we will not understand ourselves.

— I mentioned the wars against infidels. That is what I meant in asking about “True—false.”

— Yes, “True—False,” “Faithful—Unfaithful,” “Right—Wrong.” Crusaders used to say, “Accept Jesus or die!” It is under this slogan that the the conversion of infidels to Christians occurred.

— Crusaders were killing Muslims and Jews.

— Look, everything that happens here is based on the dual perception that gives birth to feud and war. We are currently investigating how pride appears through the prism of duality “Spiritual—Material.” I come home, and I find my wife there who does not want to understand the subject that I consider to be highly spiritual. I bring her books, but she does not want to read them.

I come home and find my husband there. I start talking about the seminar I attended, but he does not want to listen. Is that correct? Everyone here talks about it. It happens to every one of you. 

Why does it happen? It happens because a certain duality gets activated. In order for you to receive the experience of one side of the duality, you need to have the opposite side. That’s why this situation appears. That is exactly how it should be. You should have two poles: one of them you identify with, another you project onto someone else, usually onto people who are close to you. Unless you have the material pole in front of your eyes, you will not understand that you are spiritual.

— I have just felt that it was me who created the situation where my father is very material. My mother does not understand what is going on here very well, even though she tries hard. My sister tries too. I thought I wanted them to understand and to become spiritual, but I can see now that, in reality, I don’t want this to happen, because it is with them on the background that I can feel myself as spiritual. If they become spiritual, I will not feel that way.

— Now you can see that your spirituality is, in reality, a pseudo-spirituality. As you can see, self-investigation can lead to shocking discoveries.

— This is not spirituality. This is pride that is based on the ground of intelligence.

— Let’s not mix “Smart—Stupid” and “Spiritual—Material.” These are two different dualities. Look, I am pointing out a contradistinction to you. This is a very subtle contradistinction that is not easy to catch. You say, “I am so smart!” “And what is smart?” I ask. “Well, spiritual.” – “And what is spiritual?” Everything is mixed in one pile. Let’s separate. The duality “smart—stupid” is activated everywhere and all the time irrespective of whether one considers himself to be spiritual or not.

— The mind tries to show itself of in every sphere.

— Is what I discuss smart or stupid? Is it spiritual or material?

— It is what it is. It is a fact.

— We do not know what certain notions mean. So, we constantly get up and fight, not even understanding what we are fighting for. 

— A human being has three types of reactions: physical, emotional, and mental. We need to become aware of each one of them. Our goal is to harmonize the human apparatus so it can function properly. This occurs by balancing the dualities that were activated in order to acquire the necessary experience. Is that clear?

— Yes.


Awareness occurs when you see two sides simultaneously. When awareness of two opposite sides of duality is present, there is no conflict between them. But there is a conflict between your sides. There is a part of you that wants to evolve, and there is a part that does not want to evolve. They are two parts of one coin. Awareness sees each side as a given, the way it is.


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