Butterfly. Understanding


Understanding represents a vision of place and of interconnections between a given event, process, thing from the point of view of that wholeness: they all enter as parts.

* * *

Understanding is a perception of a particular out of the general, but not the reverse.

* * *

Understanding is possible only when complete harmony between all of the functions of the body-mind of a human being is achieved. Body, mind, and heart should have harmonious interrelationships. This is a union of rational and irrational, male and female, in a human being.

* * *

If you are looking at something, it does not mean you understand it. Understanding requires a certain state of mind and is possible only during the process of spacious mentation, which does not exclude any, but includes all possible points of view.

* * *

Understanding may have an intellectual, emotional, or physical color. It depends on which function prevail in a given human being.

* * *

Real understanding of something is possible only when one unites with it. When you will become a Unified Consciousness you will understand everything. But what precludes you from doing this? Your persistent desire to become someone is in the way. And for this desire to become someone, you are paying with an opportunity to be everything.

* * *

Vision is understanding without doubts. Any doubt points to the fact that you are still in the realm of the dual mind. Understanding is not dual, and as a result does not have forms of words or images, although you can try to transmit it in certain forms. One should always remember that knowledge transmitted in a certain form is distorted knowledge. In the physical world, we are bound to use a distorted method of transmission of Knowledge. This needs always be considered.

* * *

The only barrier preventing one from understanding is the limitations and conditioning of the mind by its own convictions and beliefs. Understanding does not require any kind of education, as it happens to be a natural state of the Supreme “I.” Only one thing is necessary – what interferes with one’s ability to be in a state of understanding, i.e. limitations of the mind, need to be eliminated. Every single human being has specific barriers that obstruct understanding. It is a burrow of convictions of one’s false personality glued with a cement of beliefs in their truthfulness that create this obstruction.

* * *

Understanding is not given to one who does not seek and yearn for it. The road to understanding lies through deception. Deception is a random walk within spheres of known, not understanding your real position. Deception is temporary; understanding is infinite. Deception is darkness, i.e. the simple absence of light. Light of understanding connects and unifies scattered notions that appear as a result of a conditioned and fragmented perception. Understanding is the knowledge that exists independent of language.



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