Butterfly. Attention

Only through awareness of yourself can the identified attention be transformed into free attention.

* * *

With the help of a free attention, you will be able to create and to destroy anything you want in your life. You will also be able to enter and exit anything at will. It may be an economic, a political, or a social process, a thing, a human being, an event, or a different world…

Free attention is your door as well as the key to the entrance and to the exit. As your attention frees, your possibilities and your freedom increase. The more identified your attention is, the lesser your freedom.

* * *

Fear of total freedom is fear of losing the known.

* * *

Free attention may be directed in different directions simultaneously. Spreading it in three dimensions, you enter a material world. The spread of attention into four, five, or more dimensions is possible. Accordingly, you enter the worlds possessing completely different characteristics and possibilities. Your capabilities are determined only by your capabilities of distributing your free attention.

* * *

Dual perception is simultaneous perception inside and outside of a “soap” bubble of a thought form, an image created by the conditioned mind. It is a perception of an awakened Soul embodied within a human body, capable of dividing its attention simultaneously between physical and non-physical spheres.

* * *

The practice of attention is an ability to simultaneously observe two opposite sides of any event, process, thing, etc.

* * *

An identified attention is energy that helps us to keep and reinforce our illusory notion of the world, i.e. to maintain the world of illusions.

* * *

Free attention is the energy of awareness you can direct and use. It initiates from the Aim (Will) of your Supreme “I.”

* * *

A human being that does not have free attention is simply a mechanism, a robot.

* * *

Identified attention is attracted only to the usual, the known to the conditioned mind and personality phenomena, things, and events.


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