What does Pint offer?

Colleges and universities transmit knowledge. Everything here, on this level of consciousness, is built on knowledge. The types of knowledge we are dealing with here is different: socialist knowledge(Marxism-Leninism, socialist political economy), capitalist knowledge(financial markets, banking and advertisement), shaman knowledge, etc.

Knowledge is not the most important thing Pint transmits(I contradict myself all the time). So, what do I emphasize? I don’t transmit knowledge to you. I transmit an opportunity to become aware.

The most important thing in this reality is experience. You have to experience what I transmit. You receive the experience here anyway: you found money or you lost money, you found a job, someone betrayed you, you betrayed someone, etc.

I provide you with a different matrix of perception to see what you experience.

Through this new matrix of perception(conceptual knowledge), you should start to experience your life differently. My knowledge changes your perception and, as a result, your state(as a state is determined by perception).

I offer you a new matrix of perception. If you internalize this knowledge, you will be able to experience the world differently, the way I experience it.

A state is determined by a role. You are trying to change your state, but this is impossible while you are in a role, as it is a role that dictates a state. You jump from one role(that you know) into another role (that you know) with corresponding to these roles states(that you also know). 

Only exiting out of the role will allow you on opportunity to change your state.




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