The Observer. Part #7

—It turns out, I was not in the Observer during all this years. What I was taking to be an Observer was my passive part observing my active part (my Patriarchal Woman observing my Patriarchal Man and my Matriarchal Woman). It appeared to me that I was in the Observer, but in reality one of my parts was observing another part.

—The active part observes the passive part, and the passive part observes the active part. Both are observing. So, what is Pint talking about when he talks about the Observer?

—He talks about seeing two sides simultaneously.

—You cannot see the one who sees both sides. You can see the Observer only out of consciousness of another level, but you are not there yet. At best you can see two sides now. That will tell you that you have the Observer.

If you don’t see two sides, you don’t have the Observer. In such case, you substitute it by one side looking at another, and one side will always look at another in an accusatory fashion. Transfer to the Observer represent a leap of consciousness. It requires you to apply tremendous effort.

This so called observation of one side by another side that you have brought up is habitual here. It does not require any effort. It gives birth to arguments and wars. One looks from one side, while another looks from another side. It appears that both of them observe, but this is just an appearance that leads to a fight.

The Observer does not fight anyone. Irrespective of what he sees, the Observer is always calm. You are not calm.

In reality, this is condemnation, as observation of one side by another in the axiom of a fight is always accusatory and condemning as negative attitude is present there from the get go.

Many lives were spent in this inertia of incarnations, and there is no effort necessary for condemnation. Moreover, condemnation is relaxing. You condemn and it relaxes you. But you see not the one you condemn; you see your projection. So, go scream and condemn. Do it. But do it with the understanding that one side of you condemns another side of you.

The Observer is always neutral. This is a hard candy for a human being to swallow. The Observer is a mirror that shows to you what you manifest. But a human being does not want to see what he manifests; he wants to be RIGHT.

There is no RIGHT and WRONG for the Observer. The Observer simply shows things the way they are, and this is horror on this level of consciousness.


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