TGL #31. Who studies psychology and why?

Holistic psychology studies evolution of the human consciousness. The subject of its investigation is evolution of a human being with a small letter “h” to a Human being with a capital letter “H”. This is possible only through awakening of the Soul and Spirit of a human being, i.e. that extra-personal in a man that in reality is the Essence and the Prime-cause of a human-machine.

Study of Holistic psychology offers an opportunity to awaken our Consciousness and to become Aware of ourselves as the Soul and Spirit. Our work is work of our Soul and Spirit. A Human being is not just his physical body and personality. A Human being is also the Soul that materialistic worldview denies, while religion distorts the correct notion of it.
Who studies psychology and why?

What is Holistic psychology and what is the School of Holistic psychology? The word «psychology» consists of two words «psyche» and «logos», and translates as the science of the Soul. It is interesting to note that the classical psychology as the science of the Soul does not exist.

The traditional psychology is materialistic. It investigates a human being from the point of view of the personality, or certain separate aspects of psychological functions, for example cognitive, behavioral, emotional, etc. Nowadays, the traditional psychology is separated to child psychology, marriage and family psychology, environmental psychology, and other applied fields. Today’s psychology consists of many different fragments. Each one of these fragment investigates certain notions that are peculiar to it. I cannot see any wholeness here in respect to a human being.

I understand psychology as a science that studies the Soul and Spirit. Why did I call psychology that I study and teach Holistic? This psychology views a human being as a Whole. However, can we really view a human being as a Whole if we view a man only as the personality? Is Human being only the personality?

The contemporary psychology does not ask this question, as it sees a human being as the personality only. But what is a human being? Someone may say, “I am a human being, because I am the personality.” Another man says that aside from the personality he also has the Soul. But one man says that he has the Soul, while another man is aware of himself as the Soul. Do you see the difference?

Can the Soul be studied? If psychology is a science of the Soul, it should study it. Do you know of any science that investigates human Soul? Does any science views it as something necessary, as the essence of a human being? Can we define the Soul, or the Soul is something one has to experience?

There is something out there that we call the Soul. But when we try to define it, we face a question: can we grasp it with our body and mind? If we say that psychology is the science of the Soul, we face another question: how are we to study it?

Can the Soul be studied by the mind that is under the influence of the conditioned personality? Let’s go to the church and have a priest explain to us what he knows about the Soul. Would this explanation allow us to understand and to experience ourselves as the Soul?

Can we see the Soul if the contemporary psychology only describes certain fragments of personality? Can we understand what a carburetor is if we don’t know what the car is?

We can take this thing called a carburetor and investigate it meticulously, but if we don’t have a bigger picture, and don’t know what the carburetor is a part of, we will not be able to study it properly. Our notions of the carburetor, when we take it separately, not knowing why it was made and what purpose it serves, would not correspond to what a carburetor really is. We would at best get to know what a carburetor does. But, we will not be able to understand carburetor as a mechanism that is built-in a car with a certain purpose, unless we know what a car is.

So, it is meaningless to investigate the personality without correct understanding of what the entire human being is. If we start to investigate the personality, considering it to be a Human being, we will get to a dead end.

Why do you want to study psychology? What do you need it for?

In my opinion, the only reason to study psychology is to get to know the science of the evolution of human consciousness.

Is a human being the way he is now a complete creature or an opportunity to become something significantly greater? For example, a caterpillar is an opportunity for a butterfly, an acorn— an opportunity for an oak, an egg— an opportunity for a chicken. A human being is an opportunity for a Human Being.

A human being, the way he is now, is not a Human Being. That’s very important to understand. This is not the point of view the contemporary psychology holds, seeing a human being not as an opportunity, but as something finished that just needs to be studied better. If a human being, the way he is now, is not complete, then how can he reach his full potential? What can he become? This is the question.

What can a human being become? Answering that question we can’t just defer to God, as in such case we can’t talk about science at all. If we simply defer to God saying that everything depend on God, then nothing depends on us. Then we cannot evolve on our own, we just depend on someone’s will. That’s how this question is frequently viewed.

So, who does the opportunity for a human being to become a Human Being depends on? If it depends on God, we need to await the second coming of the Savior—it does not depend on us. According to such a view, we cannot evolve by ourselves. We have to wait for someone or something. We should not make any conscious efforts to evolve our consciousness on our own.

A totally different understanding comes when we realize that it is a human being himself who is responsible for evolution of his consciousness. The method that can speed up the process of evolution of human consciousness is the method of self-investigation. The knowledge of this method should come from the spheres of awareness that are outside of the conditioned personality, i.e. from the non-personal spheres of those that achieved awareness of their Soul and Spirit. That’s the only place this knowledge can come from. Any knowledge that comes not from this source is not holistic.

At the base of self-knowledge conducive to the evolution of consciousness of a human being lies man’s ability to observe and investigate his own personality. It is impossible to investigate yourself unless you understand everything through yourself. You will never be able to bypass yourself on this road.

At the base of Holistic psychology lays self-investigation. You can confirm the knowledge you receive only through yourself. The knowledge about the methods of self-investigation should come from the spheres of awareness that are outside the conditioned personality. Those are three basic tenets of Holistic psychology.


Why are you interested in psychology and Holistic psychology in particular? Do you see Holistic psychology as a part of traditional psychology? What is the difference between these disciplines from your point of view? What do you use the method of self-investigation offered by the School of Holistic psychology for? What is your understanding of the Holistic psychology approach to the evolution of human consciousness?


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