ABC. What are you doing here?

— What are you doing here?

— Counting cards, counting cards, counting cards

Rain man


What are you doing there?

— We neutralize the hard wired pathways in our mind. These interconnections do not disappear completely. They just stop being very dramatic. When we become fully aware of a certain duality, programmed in our brain, we remove the voltage that exists between its opposite poles. In other words, we neutralize it or devoid it of energy. The memory of what has been connected with it in our life remains, but it does not create problems any longer. We can say that it was demined. The problem is no longer a problem, just the memory of it remains.

— It is interesting that the mind agrees to it and is ready to use this experience.

— This represents the shift of the mind to another level of work. Self-investigation provides the transfer of your consciousness to a qualitatively different level of vibrations. In the process of doing it, your mind transfers to the higher levels of its functioning. The old program will resist these changes, but the computer itself will not. Computer will resist only as far as it identifies itself with the old program. It appears to the computer that if the program is taken out, it would cease to exist, but this is not so. When the computer understands that it existed, exists, and will exist, it will allow an opportunity to change the old programs downloaded into it. You need to thoroughly feel this state of mind. This is the super-mind.

We need to heal our inner boys and girls, because they did not disappear. They are inside us and they want to receive what belongs to them, while we continue to suppress them, play the scripts our parents played suppressing us when we were kids. Now we become both of them simultaneously: a child and an adult. When we heal our inner parts, we will be totally different beings.


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