ABC. On four bonds that exist between two people

— Let’s return to the theme of «A man and a woman». Every human being contains both a man and a woman inside. This is our inner pair: a man and a woman. As the fight of the opposites occurs in this entire reality, it is also present in this pair. In order to understand the relationship between one human being and another human being (pay attention that I did not say a man and a woman, but one human being and another human being), we need to see that we are dealing with the interrelationship of two pairs.

Every human being, irrespective of the physiologic sex, contains both masculine and feminine parts.

You will not have inner harmony if your inner man and you inner woman are not developed.

And don’t forget that the external reflects the internal.

We can frequently observe an interesting mix-up when a human being, having a woman’s body, says: “I am a woman,” or, having man’s body, says: “I am a man.” When they say that, neither one of them understands that they also contain the opposite parts. For example, a woman in a body of a woman may manifest herself as a man, and be attracted to the inner woman of a human being in a man’s body.

Such a mechanism of interrelationship of sexes is not known today, and that results in a serious confusion. All of you have to figure out how your inner man relate to your inner woman; what kind of relationship they are in. Most frequently the relationship between this pair is victim—oppressor. For example, a woman in a woman’s body attracts a man in a man’s body. What kind of relationships are being built between a man of one human being and a man of another human being, a woman of one human being and a woman of another human being, a man of one and a woman of another, a woman of one and a man of another? As you can see, we are dealing with four bonds already. This is the only way to sort out the interrelationship of sexes.

Therefore, the questions related to what kind of an inner woman you have, who is your inner man, and what kind of relationship they are in are the basic questions you have to ask yourself. Most likely their relationship can be described as a fight, because any duality you have not become aware of always manifests here in the fight of its opposite sides.

After everything I have learned by now, I suddenly experienced the fear of loneliness. I can clearly see now, that throughout my entire life I was creating situations that would allow me to feel lonely. I ask myself, “Why did I need that?” I think I found an answer. I was receiving exactly what I was afraid of, i.e. loneliness. This loneliness was pushing me to become independent: I built a career, obtained financial freedom, choose a husband five years my junior. I was realizing my masculine side.

— I want to emphasize that a man forms in the state of loneliness.

The fear of loneliness disappeared lately, and I simply experience loneliness. Now I understand that I needed it to acquire the experience of being independent, to manifest my masculine side. I received this experience in full, and now I can choose another experience, for example, the experience of unity. I don’t simply know that, I feel that this is so. Thank you!


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