The Observer. Part #5

There are no bad and no good states for the Observer. Whatever happens, the Observer simply observes it. The conditioned mind will appraise and judge, while the Observer is going to observe the mind that appraises.

The Observer is a lifesaving necessity. One can go crazy without the Observer.

The Observer is something one has difficult time describing. It is this Whole that sees everything clearly. The Observer sees everything the way it is.

You cannot understand yourself because one part of you is saying one thing while another part is saying something completely opposite. A human being that starts to approach this understanding may start to think and feel that he is going mad. He may try to run away from it.

You will go in both directions during your investigation, and you need something to lean on. You will oscillate between two opposite poles until suddenly the Observer will appear.

The Observer is not a philosophical position. It is not an abstraction. The Observer is a lifesaving necessity. One can go crazy without the Observer.  When the Observer appears, the investigation starts.

People act as robots in conjunction with the notions introduced and maintained in them by culture, religion, politics, etc. When you start to observe yourself and to see things the way they really are, you turn into completely different being with a different level of consciousness.

When you start to observe your personal program, it starts to resist. This resistance will cause you to experience the feelings of guilt and blame.

Observation is outside of fear. Simply observe what happens to you.

The opportunity to observe the ego shows that there is something higher than ego, something that can observe the ego. If there was nothing but the ego, such an observation would not be possible.

Self-investigation consists of tracking down of the dualities of your personality. This chase is carried on by the Observer. The Observer has to be constantly vigilant, constantly aware, and to observe all the time.

Think about yourself from the side. Observe yourself as if it was not you, but someone else. The more you think about yourself in such a way, the more you will start to feel the true you.




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