ABC. Two directors: positive and negative

— This is the manifestation of the work of the opposite side.  

— Yes. You wanted to be happy, but you are miserable. You wanted to be strong, but you turned out to be weak.

— It seems like we don’t know what we create.

— So, if I desire something, I should also think about what I do not desire. If my desires are dual, I am responsible for what I want and what I don’t want.  


Two directors: positive and negative


— You cannot remember it because the fragmented mind is built in such a way that it erases everything, related to the activity of the second director—let’s call him the director of negative character—from our memory. We can say that you have the positive director and the negative director.

Most people are ready to accept responsibility for what they create consciously, i.e. the creation of a positive director. However, certain situations occur in our life that we perceive as negative. Why do they happen? Who creates them? People try to fight these situations, but to no avail. Religion has invented the devil to explain the negative.

— We don’t see it.

— We don’t see it, and we don’t remember it, because one half of our personality is in sub-consciousness; it creates surreptitiously. The conscious part of the personality that one considers to be himself does not allow one to accept the responsibility for thoughts, feelings, and actions that are related to its subconscious half. The conscious half of the personality tries to push away and erase the memory about the subconscious part, i.e. the creation of the opposite to it part.

If you were to recollect your life show, you will see only one half of it. It is as if listening to music you were only to perceive the major, and not to perceive the minor. To use a different analogy, it is similar to watching a movie that is interrupted every five minutes to be resumed no one knows where. No one can understand anything.

But that is precisely how your memory works. That’s why you don’t remember the major portion of your own life. This situation will continue until you start to perceive yourself as a whole human being, who simultaneously consists of both positive and negative sides. You can only achieve this holistic acceptance of yourself on the next, higher frequency level of consciousness. That’s what we do in School. We move toward higher level of consciousness.

— Pretty soon we will understand that everything happens because it just happens. 

— You need to figure out how you create what you create in your life. Everything that happens in your life is your creation.

— My actions results in something. I perceive this something as either good or bad. 

— How do you know that good is good, and that bad is bad?

— Life experience. 

— What is life experience? How do you know, for example, that this water is hot?

— I don’t know that. I can try and prove it. 

— How will you prove that? Based on what will you make a conclusion that it is hot?

— I will touch it with my hand.

— Okay. You have touched it. Then what?

— I will become aware of the temperature: hot or cold.

— How will you become aware of this water being hot or cold?

— I will do that by comparing it to something else. 

— Our mind works based on comparison. If there is no comparison, the mind would not be able to appraise and to come up with judgment, to execute its main function. So, in order for you to know what goodness is, you need to know what evil is. Positive and negative are just two sides of one coin.

— To be honest, I don’t understand what good is and what evil is. 

— Let’s say you consider yourself to be good. What do you base such a conclusion on? You need to have the opposite to compare. Otherwise, you will not be able to do so. This has to do with all your personal qualities. Every one of us has certain personal characteristics that his or her self-identification is based upon.



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