ABC. Our life is the unity of the oppositions

— I am introducing you to the ABC of self-investigation. A human being the way he currently exists is represented by the false personality that consists of two opposite parts. We are always dealing with two directors, who compete directing one show. Life is a show. Your life is your show. How do you create your show?

Your show is created by these two directors. One of them is being allowed to the level of your consciousness, i.e. you are aware of what he creates, and you can tell us about it. The second director is subconscious, but he also directs constantly.

Your conscious part does not know what your subconscious part is doing.

The creation of your subconscious part opposes creativity of your conscious part.

This is how duality, inherent to this reality and fixated in the perception of every human being, is being realized. It is extremely important for us to understand the concept of dual perception we are currently submerged in.

— If I blame myself, I simultaneously blame another human being for the same thing, right?

— Correct. I blame others for something I do not accept in myself. I get into the role of an oppressor in relationship to them. I tell them, “This is not right. You cannot do this.” I blame them. Why do I blame them? I blame them because I project onto them what I do not see in myself. You cannot accept another human being until you accept what you blame him for in yourself.

— How do you accept? Do you accept by not experiencing the feeling of guilt?

— This is a very sly topic. You have heard people say, “Let’s accept everyone. Let’s love everyone.” Those are slogans many people repeat, but from the stand point of duality, you cannot accept another human being until you accept in yourself what you don’t accept in him or her. You cannot do it any other way; it is simply impossible. So, what exactly don’t you accept in yourself? This is the main question.

The majority of people think that they know the truth. At the same time, they assign the other side of this truth, i.e. not-truth or a lie, to other people, and start to blame and fight them. One can get an impression here that a lie is a characteristic of other people only. This is the major illusion of the dividing thought process and perception.

What happens in this reality, which is the outback of the cosmos, is not real in a sense that it does not really exist. Everything that exists here is born out of mental activity of the conditioned mind that has a very interesting peculiarity: everything it does with the right hand, it immediately brakes with the left hand. For every single desire that appears in a human being there is a contrary desire.

This is the way the false personality is built. It has two tendencies: positive and negative. However, because man is not fully aware of himself, he says, “Let’s be positive. Let’s not be negative.” And he starts a crusade against the negative in the outside world. That’s what people are doing using religious, economic, and political grounds.

— Is it possible to simultaneously have a desire, to be aware of this desire, and to move forward with it, to act?

— I want to specify the difference between what I call a desire and what I call intent. The intent comes from the part of you that is not dual, i.e. from the Soul. A desire comes from a part of you that is dual, from your personality.

The personality is dual. It has two opposite polarities. I repeat, for every desire of yours, there is an opposite desire. That explains what we call mistakes, misfortunes, and catastrophes that occur here.

What brings them on? The majority of people, having dual perception, see themselves separated from everything and everyone else. When something, opposite to what they consciously want, happens to them, they start to blame others for it. They feel someone fooled them or that they committed an unforgivable mistake.

When something that was not supposed to happen happens to people, they invent different justifications to explain why it happened. They are completely oblivious to the fact that they have created what have happened on their own. This is a consequence of the fact that a human being is not aware of himself. Man sees himself whole and undivided, while in reality he consists of a personality comprised of many dual parts.

When you get to the holistic level of consciousness, you will start to understand that you are completely responsible for what happens in your life. If you say, “I am a creator, I am whole,” you have to understand that everything that happens in your life is created by you and you only. Then how can we explain the fact that certain things and situations appear in your life that do not correspond to what you desired and expected? For example, you wanted to be rich, but you are losing money. You wanted to be healthy, but suddenly you get sick.

— This is the manifestation of the work of the opposite side.  

— Yes. You wanted to be happy, but you are miserable. You wanted to be strong, but you turned out to be weak.



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