308. Globalization


You will understand what globalization is when you start to feel that we are all in one boat. Humanity is in one boat. When there is a hole in a boat, a boat starts to sink.


The contemporary slavery

The methods of control present-day slavery uses are not readily visible. These methods are conceptual, ideological, and economic. Military methods are also being used, but it is easier and cheaper to enslave people through ideology, without bringing tanks in.

Ideology is in the upbringing. Ideology is what people believe in. Slaves are made to believe that they are not slaves. When slaves think that they are not slaves, you can do whatever you want with them. When some people start to wake up to the fact of their enslavement and to manifests their resentment, another worldview is offered which prompts them to believe that they are free.

Today they believe in democracy. It has acquired a bad reputation already, because it is being conducted very aggressively around the world. Something else will be offered soon. No one will understand anything, as nothing connects in the realm of kaleidoscopic mind, where questions die as soon as they appear.
Not knowing the law

You are right, and that makes you feel self-important. This self-importance will soon flip to the opposite state. However, a human being does not see that, because he does not see the interconnectedness of these two states.

A human being insults another human being. He screams: “You are such an idiot!” Two days later he gets into the same situation, and someone now screams at him: “You are an idiot!” What is it? People don’t understand that everything gets balanced here.

When you do something, you don’t do it to somebody else—you do it to yourself. You will get it back. In a «sleep» of consciousness you don’t understand the inevitability of this law. You don’t understand this law. This is the Law here. You don’t see the interconnectedness of these events.
Ego creates duality out of everything

We constantly create dualities. The statement, “I want partnership, but currently I am at war,” immediately creates a duality. That’s how this world is built. It is sly. Duality is being formed here out of everything and immediately.


Stimulation of the centers

You are a three center being. Three centers. The work we perform here is very powerful. You stop because you don’t understand. This is a very important moment. If you were to understand everything, you would not move at all. Your not understanding stimulates you. We are reviewing it at the level of the mind now. Pain and suffering move you to the emotional level. Diseases move you to the physical level. Those are the stimulators without which you will not do anything at all. You will say, “I know everything. I feel great. I am healthy.”


What are you responsible for?
A king is responsible for the throne he is sitting on, but his country does not even know him. He is responsible only for his throne. If someone were to climb onto his throne, he would get mad. He does not care what is happening in the world. For him, the throne is everything.

Does this king know where he is going to? Does he know what his policies are? Does he know the aim of his policies? Does he know all the fractions that surround him? Does he communicate with these fractions? Can he manage them? Those are the basic questions! But this kind does not even know where he is going! He knows that he is the king. That’s all he knows. He does not know the fractions that exist in his world. He does not know how to influence them. He does not know what to do with them. He just sits on the throne and holds tight to it. That’s our king.
Difference in perception

We have two completely different perceptions of the world.

The habitual perception: “I am being attacked—I will do everything to win.” Different methods of retaliation have been described in many books.

We discuss the second mode of perception at School. It is new. We say: “Another world is you. When you fight other people, you fight yourself. Stop fighting yourself!” This is Heaven and Earth. This is a completely different approach.
Chaos is the basic level of feelings, or primitive feelings. Similarly, the basic level of the mind consists of primitive thinking. But these levels grow: the level of your inner woman corresponds to the level of your inner man.

You have just read the aphorisms from the book «The freedom of Holistic Consciousness», 2012.


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