307. A conflict

As children we experience the influence of our parents. Later on, negating them, we become parents ourselves, and the conflict between us as children and us as adults continues inside us. This conflict can never change.

Our parents are the source of this conflict. Nothing will change unless we return to the parental programs downloaded into us, because we are our parents. The conflicts that occurred between our parents are in us now. Not understanding it, we transmit these conflicts to our children, and they continue to carry them. We inherit our parent’s unsolved problems.
The assignment

The assignment that you need to work on is exactly where you are. It can be your wife, husband, children, boss, employees, friends—people you are in contact with. These contacts are there for a reason—they reflect certain very important sides of you. You should not try to run away from them, you need to transform yourself. You don’t need to go to Himalayas. You need to stay where you are, and transform your environment. You will not be able to walk away from yourself. Whatever you are in right now is what you need. You need to work with it.

Everyone around you is your assignment. The change in your relationship with people that surround you, transformation of these relationships is the indicator that you are solving your assignments.
To harmonize what fights

You have to track down what is it in you that fights, and you need to harmonize it. It’s not easy to track it down. You continue to fight. You continue to swing because you need it.


Blame or investigation

You don’t understand what you receive from There. You need to investigate it. There can be no talk of investigation if you continue to blame.


To investigate in order to see and understand

You create your problems yourself, and you don’t even understand how. We start to observe, investigate, and understand it here. This is not about digging inside yourself. This is about seeing yourself.



In order to investigate, we need to discuss what is going on in our lives. We don’t want to talk about it. No one wants to expose his inner, intimate world. In such case, the war continues in this world. The most intimate thing for us is pain. No one wants to feel this pain, and no one wants to show it. But in such way, you maintain what you have.


Exit through gratitude

Express your gratitude to this pain and to everything you experienced. It was necessary. You can only exit through gratitude to what you happen to be in. When you start to experience it now, and it will happen, you know what to do. You need to announce your choice, express your gratitude to pain, and release it.
To thank and to release

It is very important to release pain. Otherwise, you will continue to express your gratitude again and again. An oppressor comes to you, hits you, and you say: «Thank you». He hits you again, even harder this time—you say «Thank you». He continues to hit you.


The other human being is you

When you fight other people, you fight yourself. Stop fighting yourself.


New matrix—new result

The old matrix is the matrix of fight of the opposites. The New matrix is based on the partnership of the opposites. Apply the New matrix to the energies that nourish the old matrix, and they will work in accordance with the New matrix.

You can plug an «electric knife» into your kitchen electric outlet and hurt someone. You can insert a coffee machine into the same outlet and make a pot of coffee. The electricity that is being used is the same, but the product that is being made using it differs based on the appliance that was inserted into it. In this particular case, we are talking about the Old and the New matrix: change the appliance.


Change of the program matrix

Program is the matrix. Both programs—the program of fight and the program of partnership—are matrixs. But the New matrix allows you to see and to collect yourself in one whole picture. The old matrix does not allow you to see yourself clearly; it offers kaleidoscopic vision only.

Picture changes inside a kaleidoscope all the time. You cannot even understand how it changes. Kaleidoscopic picture is never stable—it changes with a slightest movement, and without any understanding on your part.  But the picture you assemble out of puzzles is stable.

You have just read the aphorisms from the book «The freedom of Holistic Consciousness», 2012.


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