306. The program as a receiver

Desire of the ego

Ego wants to be the king. This desire is present in every ego. Even now, when you ask a question, your ego wants to be more important than me. The ego is not interested in what I have to say. The ego wants to use everything to increase its power, including Holistic Psychology, Supreme Aspect, and God.
The age of the Soul

I determine the age of the Soul based on the questions your personality asks. Personality represents a part of the Soul that has been incarnated in this physical world. The first grader is not worse than the fifth grader. The first grader has an assignment, and the fifth grader has his assignment. The first grader is not worse than the fifth grader, but everyone here wants to call himself an old Soul.

An old Soul can understand a Soul of any age, as it is comprised of all the ages. It can talk to a Soul of any age and understand it. However, a younger Soul cannot understand the Soul of the older age, because it does not have its experience.

In order to ascend, you have to descend

If you ask me: «How do you, Pint, ascend? », I will answer: «I descend first. There is a lot of stuff buried there. I descend and investigate it. Only then I can start to see what is upstairs. There is a direct correlation between my vision and my descent». To experience these lower states is not easy.

Seeing and the mind

Information Pint presents comes from other spheres of consciousness. My mind does not invent it; it allows me to share it with you here. The mind is a supporting apparatus that uses different ways to deliver this information.


The program as a receiver

I am tuned to the frequency that is inaccessible to your receiver yet. I have to work constantly in order to be tuned up and to maintain the reception of my receiver. You, on the other hand, are tuned to other stations. Your receivers receive information from these other stations. Your receiver is interested in and tuned to other frequencies.

Your program determines to which station you are going to be attuned for the duration of your life. When we start to talk about changing our perception, i.e. our attunement, a human being whose consciousness is asleep, experiences resentment—he does not want to be called a receiver. He tries to convince everyone that he thinks on his own. In reality, he does not know who transmits these thoughts to him.


Perception of the higher vibrations

I constantly down convert. In order for high vibrations to penetrate this reality and to reach me, a strong down conversion is necessary. Essences of the highest levels cannot even descend here. They will not be able to sustain the energy of the higher vibrations here.

From the point of view of vibrational frequencies, a human being is a receiver. He can tune to some stations, but cannot tune in to others. Occasionally and with a significant interference, he can accept a vibration of a high frequency.

A receiver that is capable of attuning himself on his own may be very interested in receiving these frequencies of vibrations. He will work hard and transform himself in order to do so.

That’s what we do here. We conduct self-investigation and become aware of our programs in order to upgrade our receivers and to attune ourselves to receive the higher frequencies of vibrations.
Difference in perception

We have two completely different perceptions of the world.

The habitual perception: “I am being attacked—I will do everything to win.” Different methods of retaliation have been described in many books.

We discuss the second mode of perception at School. It is new. We say: “Another world is you. When you fight other people, you fight yourself. Stop fighting yourself!” This is Heaven and Earth. This is a completely different approach.
You and the world

The New Axiom states that you always meet yourself and yourself only. Nothing happens without a reason. If someone attacks you, it is you—part of you that have been projected to the outside world.


You have just read the aphorisms from the book «The freedom of Holistic Consciousness», 2012.


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