304. Emotional states

Any emotional state is a drug. An emotional state with a negative sign is a heavy drug. One needs more and more of this drug. Everyone here is an addict, as the illusions we live in have a narcotic effect on us. Each one of us gets hooked on his own specific drug of choice. It is very difficult for a drug user to refuse a drug that he was using for many years. It is equally difficult for any human being to refuse the emotional narcotic he is addicted to.
Duality and growth of consciousness

Combination of the negative and the positive create duality. The growth of consciousness is possible only in the presence of duality.
Formulation of a question

Your ability to formulate a question is extremely important in our work. Many people can describe a situation, but then they start screaming: «How, how, how? » This does not lead anywhere. We need to describe a situation and to generate a question. Then we have to ask many more questions that would allow us to review the situation from multiple angles. We need to look at every situation from different angles.
Seeing and responsibility

Everything that happens to us is necessary. This can only be seen from the higher levels of consciousness. As you get to the higher level of consciousness much more will open up to you. But only the Eternity sees everything. The extent to which you are allowed to see depends on the place you take in this process and on the level of responsibility you accept. You will be given the ability to see based on your aware understanding of where you are going, the responsibility you accept in this Process, and functions that you perform.
Multiple points of view

You have to develop an ability to look at every question and situation from different angles. One question—many angles. Your training in this ability will show your movement in this direction.
Question and perception

It does not make sense to spend energy on a question that has not been formulated. When a question has been formulated, it has to be reviewed and investigated. I never rush you when you don’t have a question, because everything comes in due time.

Perception will come when your attention is concentrated on the question. When the question has been properly formulated, perception will come. Without a question, there is not going to be any perception. Our process generates questions. You should start to give birth to questions.
The reason for self-investigation

You need to be constantly aware of yourself. Why do you talk? Why did you say what you have said? This is your self-investigation. You either do it or not. A player who starts to ask questions about his program and the programmer is a player of a different level.
The program and its illusions

Start to think where your thoughts are coming from. Where do they come from? A set of thoughts is a program. A computer program has many options written in it. Nothing, but those options were offered to you.

You are a program. This program creates an illusion that it is not a program. It creates an illusion that it can do certain things. This is an illusion.

The ego will take anything and use it for its own purposes. As soon as the ego hears about awareness, it immediately says that it is aware. The important ego immediately asserts that it has understood everything. It does not need anything else. It is aware already. And on top of it, it is interested in what is going to happen next.
Exiting the borders of the mind

I work with the impulses that are called madness here. To lose one’s mind is to exit the borders of the mind. That’s the most dangerous thing for the personality. One can get to awareness only by passing through the state of madness, when one is thrown outside the borders of the mind. Your personality will resist that.

You have just read the aphorisms from the book «The freedom of Holistic Consciousness», 2012.


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