305. Seeing the craziness

When you start to observe, you start to see your own craziness. The Observer, i.e. the one who is not crazy and who can observe this craziness is already in you. This is a fact, and this is great. But the fact that he sees your craziness is not so great. Those two facts walk hand in hand.


Identification with the mind is identification with the part of the program that is downloaded in the mind. What we need is not to lose our mind, but to lose the program that was downloaded in the mind. It means to transfer to another program. To the computer whose operating system is being changed, it appears that it is «losing its mind».

The Image

Any thought that comes in a form of an image or in a word-sentence form at the end tries to possess you. You start to move in the brackets of this thought, this image.

Observe where those images come from, how you tune into them, and how you become slaves to them later on.
Another human being is me

When you master your ability to enter another human being and to read him, you start to embrace everything. I tune in and do what is necessary because every single human being is in me. When I encounter something I don’t have, I don’t know what to do. Actually, I do know what to do, because everything is in me. I just have to find it. So, I investigate myself in multiple manifestations. Talking to you, I have a dialogue with myself. Every one of you is a part of me.
To accept and to investigate

You need to accept everything, and you need to investigate everything. You need to investigate, and find everything you encounter in yourself. If you don’t accept something, you are not going to investigate it. Without acceptance there is no investigation. If you don’t understand a human being, it means you have not investigated him. It means you have not accepted him. Acceptance is an opportunity to investigate. When you accept, you develop interest in other people, as other people are you—different sides and edges of you. Your attitude toward different people is different. When you don’t want to see or hear someone, it means you don’t want to investigate yourself in him or her.
The essence of investigation

You will be swinging constantly, because the main rhythm of this reality is swing. Which duality are you swinging in? Become aware of it. You need to clearly understand and define the duality you are currently investigating. Without it there is no investigation.

The essence of the investigation is to become aware what you are swinging in now. If you are swinging in the emotional center, you may feel guilt and blame. However, you don’t necessarily see which particular duality is swinging, and what exactly started the swing in this duality. That’s why you need to be aware of all three centers.

When you start to investigate the reactions of your physical body, you will be able to describe how your physical body reacts to guilt and blame. You will not be able to investigate yourself Holistically right away. You need to start to master yourself piece by piece. These pieces will accumulate and coalesce as you continue your investigation.
Two steps to harmonization

In order for the harmonization to occur you need to see what exactly you need to harmonize. Next you will need to see the positions that the sides of the duality you are trying to harmonize are in.
Pain as a stimulus to self-investigation

Pain comes from the emotional center. Pain is the indicator. Pain stimulates you to ask questions. Later on, I deliver the answers to these questions. But we are stimulated by feelings here.
In order to ascend, you have to descend

If you ask me: «How do you, Pint, ascend? », I will answer: «I descend first. There is a lot of stuff there. I can start seeing what is upstairs only after I have descended. There is a direct correlation between my vision and my descent». To experience these lower states is not easy.


You have just read the aphorisms from the book «The freedom of Holistic Consciousness», 2012.


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