TGL #30. Who are you?


Who are you now and who are you in reality? This is the most important question for every human being to answer, as the answer to this question determines how you perceive yourself and everything that happens to you. «Who am I? » is the question that God asks. Answering this question, God creates multitude of universes, galaxies, creatures, and people. People answer God’s own question about Himself. God experiences himself through us. So, who are we in reality?

See who you are now, and recall who you really are. When I tell myself who I am in reality, I start to hear it and to assert the new version of myself here, in spite of all the doubts that appear. When you loudly express your intention to become who you truly are, you start to see everything that happens here as an illusion. We are participating in a big show which appears to be real and important if we don’t know who we truly are.

Who are you?

— Take a look at people who don’t want to change. They are not eager to come to a state of unity, inner harmony, and love. What is happening to them? We can see it on a global scale now. The Process of Transformation that started on Earth leads to sharp separation. That’s the meaning behind Jesus’s statement, “Not peace, but a sword I brought to you.”

That’s what we start to see today. People who insist on the old paradigm of life live in habitual fear and try to resist the penetrating influences of Love. A completely opposite situation unfolds for those who want to come to Light and Love. They start to undergo accelerated development, where separation of the old and the new proceed very fast. Those who resist global changes will not be able to tolerate the higher levels of vibrations. They will destroy themselves in conflicts and wars.

The impulse of Earth toward liberation and Love is very strong. Earth readiness to accept the energy of Heavenly Love makes the process of Transformation irreversible for the Earth itself and for those that choose Light and Love. These people contribute to the development of this Process. Neither one of us is here by an accident. We came here after a difficult preparation. We came here as the agents of Light. We are the agents of the unknown. We have a difficult and dangerous assignment. When we enter the low vibrational planes, we forget many things, including the most important one: we forget who we really are.

Those who want to control consciousness and keep it in a narrow spectrum of lower vibrations do not want to renounce their position. Moreover, they try to strengthen their influence by doing everything possible not to allow Light to penetrate and expand consciousness. They use different means, making our task difficult. Only total awareness of ourselves and total recall of who we really are will allow us to accomplish what we have to accomplish. This is the main task of our group. We cannot allow ourselves to fall asleep here again.

A human being was created as a creature with enormous capabilities. As a result of multiple experiments a human being with twelve DNAs and twelve energy centers was created. According to commonly accepted belief a human being has seven energy centers or chakras. In reality, there are twelve of them. Five of them are located outside of the body. The tenth center connects a human being to a Solar system, the eleventh to a galactic center, and the twelfth to the place where our consciousness came from. Our consciousness has not developed on Earth alone. We came here with a large experience received in different realities and different planes of being. At the present time we need to have all our energy centers open. This will allow us to clearly see who each one of us really is. When all our chakras are open, we will recall the experience received prior to our entering Earth, and be able to understand our individual assignment and our group mission.

Each one of us has a certain structure of memory. It will open up as our consciousness will start to expand. Our Process increases the frequency of our vibrations and opens our cosmic memory. This memory is in us. What I tell you is not unknown to you. You know it. My task is to stimulate the opening of your memory. Our group work allows us to receive large portions of the energy of Love. It happens intensely when in one joint aspiration we create and support the channel connecting us to our Supreme “I.” That’s our mutual request. It is imperative for us to create this joint request.

One of my tasks is to tune up our group structure. That would send a strong impulse to the highest planes of being, where our supreme “I” resides. In such a way we connect with ourselves or with our Supreme aspects. We send ourselves here in order to complete the necessary work. We cannot change this reality from the outside. Therefore, we need to infiltrate it and change it from the inside. That’s what we do. We are here to change this reality from the inside.

Imagine reality as a large sphere, as an egg. The eggshell cannot be broken only from the outside. We can only break the shell by working simultaneously from the outside and from the inside. We and many other Light brothers are doing this work. Some of us are incarnated in this reality, some are not, but we work together. Those that are incarnated here give birth to the impulse to return and to meet ourselves, sending strong messages that express their desire to receive Light and Love. In reply to these messages we receive the vibration of the Unconditional Love. The stronger our longing for liberation and more open our hearts are to Love, the more of it we receive. It comes as we show our readiness to receive and accommodate it.

I ask each one of you to form an inner request for Love and to send it to your Supreme “I” now. You will receive the answer. Each one of you will receive a unique answer. We have to act together now. You cannot do it alone anymore. The era of lone wolves has passed. We are going to move toward Light and Love together and at the same time each one of us will maintain his individuality. That’s why the individual movement of each one of us on this path is very important. It is the last one that counts, not the first one. One can run fast and come to the finishing line faster than others, but if the part of his team is lost, he is not going to win.

Our work is a team work, and it is very important for us to move together. We have to help each other. You may be ahead, but you have to look back all the time, making sure that the entire group is moving forward. In order for us to move as fast as we can, it is very important to get rid of any doubts connected to what we just discussed. We need to stop perceiving ourselves as small, frightened Ego-personalities separated from the Universe. Otherwise, we are going to lose energy swinging between the enormous pride and contempt toward ourselves and others. We need to part with this notions as fast as we can.

The stage we are approaching presupposes a complete trust in ourselves. We need to fully accept that we really are Love and Light. Every one of us is an embodied Love and Light. We possess enormous capabilities, but if we continue to drag the weight of the old, adolescent notions called problems behind us and discuss them endlessly, we will not be able to get to this stage. Therefore, I ask all of you to get rid of the remaining garbage and to start to act based on who you really are.

Please, relate to yourself and to each other in such a way. Self-analysis and self-inflicted pain frequently turns into a bad habit that hides behind the pretense of spiritual development. We’ve had enough of it. What remains of this junk will simply burn in the fire of Light and Love.


Which notion of yourself are you currently realizing? Who are you now? What role do you play and how do you play it? It is not easy to answer these questions, but they happen to be the key questions that will help you to de-identify with the false notions of yourself and to recall who you really are. Awareness of the roles and personages that were introduced to your personal program and that are currently being played out by you is the instrument that will help you to elevate the level of vibrations of your consciousness, transferring it from the world of the third density to the fourth, where Light and Love are as natural as guilt and blame here.


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