You will not wake up without a group

— You need to stabilize on the level of the new vibrations you felt. Our task is to get to the higher level of vibrations and not to drop down to sleep again. That’s what a group is for. Our group is a great opportunity for our spiritual development. You need to understand this. The interaction of people in the group, the process of group formation, strengthening, and development are critically important. I keep repeating it. I am repeating it now for those who have come here for the first time.

The group is a necessary link of our spiritual movement. We get together frequently. You need mirrors. You need to be with people who have the same intention as you. You cannot do this work with people who don’t have this intention. They are asleep. If you were to deal with them only, you would fall asleep without being awakened.

— This happened to me before.

— I repeat again and again, and I will continue to repeat that without a group you will not be able to wake up. The group should become an organism built on new principals of interactions. The seminars I conduct are jump starts of awareness. In between the seminars, you have to do the group work. You need to constantly work in groups in order to work through, solidify, and fix what happened during the seminar.

If you do this, your chance of moving toward yourself is real. I have conducted many seminars. Different themes of self-investigation were reviewed in details and are being reviewed in different cities. The video and audio recordings of these seminars and webinars where certain aspects of our work are being reviewed in details are available. Buy them and work with them, as I do not intent to repeat myself. This is not an elementary school. Work with the school materials all the time. By doing this, you will receive vibrations of higher frequency that by itself is a necessary prerequisite for you to understand something new in yourself. This is very important, and it should be done by everyone. Please understand the importance of the group; help to create and develop it.

People from different cities participate in our process. People who did not know each other conduct seminars together. For the people who initiate and organize them, it is a privilege. The organizer of a seminar receives a big profit of awareness. Anyone here who has the intention of organizing a seminar can do it. Any offer that coincides with our common intention will be realized. I guarantee that. The opportunities for growth here are tremendous.

Your intention, its strength and realization, depend on you only, but opportunities of its realization here are limitless. Listening to audio recordings will keep you awake and working. The group with whom you interact will allow you to maintain the state of awareness. The seminars you come to and organize will help you to take another step. Those are the opportunities. If you use them, your movement in the direction of yourself would be real. Whether you do it or not depends only on you.

You can talk about the importance of spiritual development, but unless you participate in group work and seminars, you will fall asleep fast. It happens frequently. But then what kind of questions can we discuss? Opportunities here are limitless. You need to use them. I recommend you listen to the recordings of the seminars you attend. You will find that you missed a lot. When you listen to it third time, something new will open up. This is a crucial moment. There is an opportunity to stand up and walk the way to become aware of yourself here. To stand up on the way means to become aware of your personage as a personage.

You have entered a higher level of vibrations, and you need to stay there. This will not be easy. It will require you to work through the old programs downloaded into your personality. Those programs will repeat themselves and recur at each level of your movement toward yourself. It’s a spiral process. The foundation that was built in childhood is that basic structure from which you would scoop up the necessary material.

Many people come here saying, “When are we going to be done? I want to be enlightened faster.” You will not be able to do it faster. For example, it takes a long time to connect the “man—woman” duality. This is not an external connection, when one so-called side looks for another side. Using such an approach, these sides would remain separated. They would remain halves. If you want to become whole, you need to connect these dualities in yourself. You need to explore and to learn both man and woman inside yourself. Your interactions with the opposite sex show what you do not understand in yourself. When you start to become aware of this situation, you will be able to change the quality of relationships of your inner man and your inner woman.

You cannot be “simply aware.” “I am aware. I am just aware.” It does not make sense. What am I aware of? You need to be aware of what happens mechanically, i.e. mechanicality and awareness are two polarities of one duality. There is no awareness without mechanicality. It is impossible. There is nothing to become aware of then.

— So, in order to be serious, one needs to create a circus, and in order to have serious thoughts one needs to joke around. 

— Who wants to have serious thoughts, and what are serious thoughts? Look, you have two directors. One says, “We need to be very serious.” Another one declares, “We need to be very not-serious.” But they represent two sides of one coin, like two human beings who are tied together back-to-back, each looking in opposite direction without any understanding of what the other is doing. When you are aware of duality, you see both directors simultaneously. Without awareness, you simply fall into one side of a duality, and at the same time the opposite side pulls you toward itself.

Tie two people together and tell one of them that he needs to reach a certain point that is right in front of his eyes quickly. Tell another man to reach another point that is located in the opposite direction. The first one would run and the second, seeing his aim moving away will also start running. The first one is tired already, but his opponent is dragging him in the opposite direction. Eventually, he gathers his strength. He screams, “Where am I? I was so close to my goal,” and starts to push back. They pull and pull on the rope, not moving from the spot from which they started. They spend a lot of energy because their desires are opposite from each other. Until you see how this mechanism is being realized by your personality, you will not be able to manage it.

— So, in order to wake up one needs to be asleep, and to be aware of the fact that one is dual.

— Disharmony occurs by falling to one side of a duality. Mechanicality is one side, awareness is another. Mechanicality is what a sleeping one is constantly in. For a sleeper, awareness is just a word that was said by someone. You can repeat it in sleep as a mantra, but that would not lead to anything. Our way leads through the voltage of the spreading of two sides of dualities. In this particular case, we are talking about the duality “mechanicality—awareness,” and this voltage may be very high. Actually, it is precisely the high voltage that provides the opportunity to see both sides of duality.

— Here is my situation. I want to understand what I represent in life. I am a biological creature inside which something died and something new developed. It cannot make sense of anything. It needs to adjust and to look at itself in a new light. People are on a bus with me riding to work, and I project myself onto them. Here is a homeless man lying on the street. Part of me wants to move away from him because he stinks. But another part says, “Stay! Smell it!” I don’t like it. I am thinking, “In reality, this being is similar to me. Something inside of me is similarly rotten and smelly. I just had an opportunity to see the physical aspects of it.” I hang around, and I smell it.

— Nobody will give you anything. You have to work. Everything that happens to you in this life is created by you, but you do not understand it.

— This situation caught my attention.

— If something caught your attention, you need to become aware of the duality that was activated by the situation.

— What should happen in order for me to see it?

— I repeat, you need to start seeing the specific duality that you have activated. I repeat multiple times, but no one hears it. You keep singing your own songs.

— In this particular case, the duality is “clean—dirty.” Am I correct?

— Okay. Start to investigate it. Is it “clean—dirty” or something else? What irritates you in this homeless man? Is it the fact that he is without a tie or the fact that he is without a job? Perhaps it’s the fact that he is penniless or the fact that he has no place to sleep. What is it exactly? That’s what needs to be investigated. You cannot do it all at once. You can find one duality and then suddenly see another. Then, the third one will pop up. You need to pay attention to this.

First, if something irritates you, you need to allow yourself to feel this irritation. That’s what we were doing yesterday. To put it simply, that was “love—hate.” Love attracts, hate repulses. Hate declares itself differently: irritation, aversion, aggression, wrath, condemnation, hysteric outburst. You can continue yourself. Those are different states that reflect non-acceptance of something. Currently, you understand that non-acceptance, hate in its different forms, appears as a result of one of my sides meeting another side of me.

There is nothing in life except you. If you think someone slipped you a dirty bum in order for you to smell his bad breath, you are mistaken. If you think this bum has nowhere to go but stay in front of your eyes, you are mistaken again. The only correct way to understand is to understand that everything I encounter in my life is me. Out of all those things, some cause irritation, i.e. hate. Until you accept that you have both love and hate at the same time, you will not be able to perceive them as two sides of one coin.  




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