TGL #23. The Quantum Leap and the Global Changes in local human life

The Quantum Leap has started. On the 21 of December 2012 two cosmic cycles started to combine allowing neutral energy to come to Earth. How will this affect a human being, Earth, and life on this planet? This is a question of global influences on habitual course of events. It’s impossible to remain a side onlooker as this process will occur inside YOU.

The Quantum Leap and the Global Changes in local human life  

The Quantum Leap will involve irreversible changes of habitual life, habitual states, and habitual feelings of the physical body. And these are not some momentary changes that one can endure and return to one’s habitual life. This is a beginning of a long process of transformation that will take more than one human lifetime. And that means that for every one of us life will never be the same as before.

We are entering the zone of gradual, but inescapable changes that will slowly and inevitably change our life, moving it further and further from the habitual course of events. These changes will involve not only the external world. First of all, we are going to see the changes in our physical bodies. At the body level the Process of the Quantum Leap will carry activation of a fourth pair of DNA. How will the body and its functioning change with this? These are going to be certain global changes we need to know about and act in accordance with this understanding.

The work conducted at the School of Holistic Psychology is aimed at the formation of a new mental apparatus of a human being that will be able to transform the emotional states using new thoughts, and get connected with the Navigator of the Process of the Leap—your Soul.

The Process of the Quantum Leap requires you to understand it correctly. You cannot understand this process correctly at the level of perception of the Ego. Ego will view the changes that happen to you in accordance with the personal program and socially acceptable notions. But would that navigation help you to enter and to move in the avant-garde of the Quantum Leap? The answer is no. It will be impossible to go through this extraordinary process using past experience.

In order to pass through global changes and not to get in a state of shock when the habitual ground will start to move from under your feet you will have to have a good connection with the Higher Consciousness. Only the Supreme Aspect can coordinate your movement in this Process. Through the connection channel with the Supreme Aspect you can have the necessary understanding of what is happening, remain sane and be capable to act adequately.

Try to understand that whether you want to know about the Quantum Leap or not, whether you believe in it or not, this process will happen to you. You will not be able to bypass it as it will happen inside your body. You will not be able to stop it. You will not be able to wait on a sidewalk. You can cry and complain about the loss of the known and habitual that will occur soon, but that will not prevent the changes that are necessary from happening.

The correct position is the position of knowledge and understanding of what is about to come, acting adequately in this process by being in contact with your Supreme Aspect, by being a part of the first ship that is being formed at the School of Holistic Psychology to pave the Way of the Quantum Leap for humanity based on completion of our own Leap.


I offer you to download, read, and listen to the webinar «The intuitive channel with your Soul as the highest level of development of a woman».


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