TGL #21. The smart and the stupid: two sides of one personality

Someone concentrates on being smart, while another concentrates on being dumb. Arriving at the point of being very smart, you want to be simpler. Fighting to be smarter, you accuse others of being stupid. But smart and stupid are two sides of one coin.

The smart one is the one who knows. The stupid one is the one who does not know. Both states are important. It is precisely due to the stupid side not being able to understand something, that one can enter and get to understand something new. Can you understand the necessity of the stupid side and accept it in yourself?
The smart and the stupid: two sides of one personality

— I don’t accept my “stupid” side.   

— Who is this “stupid” in your understanding?

— The Stupid is the one who is empty, who does not know and does not understand anything.  

— So, the stupid one is the one who does not know and does not understand anything. Can you say that you are stupid?

— I am stupid.

— Accept this “stupid” part of yours that does not know and does not understand anything. It tries, but it does not know. It tries, but it does not understand. If I don’t accept this “stupid” part in myself, I am stupid. I am trying and trying. I still do not understand anything. I am even more afraid of being stupid.

What about the smart one? The smart one can logically discuss things that the stupid one has no ideas about. So, until I accept the “stupid” in me, I would be stupid. I happen to be what I don’t accept. I constantly fight in order not to be it, but I happen to be it. I want to be smart and chastise myself for being stupid; and the more I chastise myself for it, the more stupid I get. The stupid one does not understand. Do you think everyone understands everything here? Are you the only one who is stupid here?

— Perhaps I am in a hurry.  

— You are in a hurry to understand, but the understanding does not come, and because of it, you feel even more stupid. Take a look around. Does everyone understand everything here?

— It does not make me happy that everyone does not understand. 

— Do you think there are some smart people here?

— You are smart.

— How about me? 

— You are smart too.

— No, I disagree, he is quite stupid.

— I was sitting next to him earlier. He was very warm. I felt tenderness toward him.  

— You are stupid, and your tenderness is stupid.

— I am afraid of being crazy.   

— Don’t be afraid. There are idiots, schizophrenics, and paranoiacs here. In such company, an idiot looks pretty good. And can you see an idiot in me? I, for example, do not understand why you do not understand what I am talking about.

— I saw your idiot yesterday.  

— Can you see it in yourself now? You are trying and trying, and you cannot understand for a long time. What is it a sign of?

— Probably, it is a sign of stupidity.  

— Yes, you are stupid.

— I cannot connect it.

— You don’t need to connect anything. We are trying to figure out whether there is “stupid” in you or not.

— There is “stupid” in me. I have no logic.  

— So, you are stupid.

— How can I live?

— For many years you lived stupid, and it did not interfere with your life. You have not died because of it. I have never seen a postmortem with a diagnosis stupid. People don’t die because of it. People live with it.

— I have not lived yet.  

— You have not lived yet? Have you died? Who do I have a pleasure of speaking with?

— You are speaking with a dead one.   

— Oops! I thought she was stupid, but she is dead. Take a look around. Who do you see? These two women next to you, do you think they are alive?

— I don’t know.

— So, you will not die if you are already dead. You get anxious: will I die or not … If you are dead already, why should you be afraid of death? You have not yet been born. If you have not yet been born, how can you die? You don’t have any problems with death.

— I am sitting here, irritated that I don’t understand anything.   

— Why are you irritated? You don’t understand because you are stupid. The stupid one should not understand anything. So, why do you get irritated? Remember, you are stupid. Stupid does not understand anything. Stupid can talk a lot, but stupid does not understand anything. So, why are you irritated?

— I want to get excited and happy about it, but I can’t.  

— You don’t have to be happy, but why get irritated about something you don’t understand? Stupid does not understand. Stupid should not understand. You should feel calm and quiet. If you consider yourself stupid, you can be calm, even though you don’t understand anything.

— Sometimes, during the dialogue, I sort of turn off and then I understand something, I sense it. Then my mind turns on again, I start to listen, to understand, miss certain things, etc…  

— You said you don’t understand anything.

— Sometimes I understand.  

— What did you understand?

— Theoretically?  

— To understand something means to know, and to live through a certain experience. Did you learn something new here and experienced it? This is what understanding is. There is new knowledge and one experiences it. For example, I know that hot water can burn my skin. I put my hand in hot water and I get burned. This gives me an understanding—hot water burns. Before, I knew it, but now I understand it.

— I know when I am open and when I am closed. I know the difference between these states. I experienced it. 

— So, you understand what open is and what closed is. What else do you understand?  

— I understand the states of happiness and sorrow. I know what these are.  

— You know the word «sorrow», and what it means as an experience. OK. What else?

— I know the states of a grudge and of an insult.  

— Do you understand them?

— Yes, I understand them.  

— So, you are not stupid. The stupid one does not understand anything, but you understand certain things. So, can you accept your not understanding?

— Now, based on understanding, it is easier.  
— You are going to get stuck in it until you see yourself from the side. You have to see that you are both smart and stupid. You are the one who understands and the one who does not understand. That is the most important thing here.


Take a look at the duality «smart—stupid » in yourself. Which side do you call positive and cultivate in yourself, and which one do you deny and reject?

See, that the manifestation of one side is based on the manifestation of another, and qualities flow from one to another. For example, how not understanding happens to be the beginning of understanding, and how greater understanding approaches the borders of not understanding.

Using the examples of your life, determine where you manifest one or another side of this duality. Come to understand that you are both of them, and that both sides of duality are necessary for you.


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