If you are not familiar with our approach toward knowing and realization of oneself, you probably want to understand what holistic psychology is.


Holistic psychology offers you an opportunity to recall your life’s major mission and to start solving it in a state of awareness.

We hope you understand that the shortest way is not the easiest way. Our approach toward the understanding of these earthly lessons and the meaning of human life is based not on “common values,” but on a clear vision of the stages of the evolution and this understanding must be tied to the lessons of the evolution of Human Consciousness.

What kind of experience do we receive on Earth at a given stage of our evolution, and what kind of puzzles or assignments do we solve during our lifetime? We are not discussing the questions that are considered common here, as the common, daily questions only create the context for us to solve our main assignments. That’s why when we don’t know who we are in reality, our desires are just impulses that direct us to pass through the experience we have been incarnated on Earth to receive.  

What is this experience? This experience is born out of the illusion of our loneliness and the fight that we accept as our reality. It is precisely that illusion that gives birth to multiple lessons which appear throughout our lives, and the main reason that all these lessons happen is the state of fear we live in.

To see and to understand that the state of fear is the main reason that gives birth to all our earthly lessons and to the problems, conflicts, and hardships connected to these lessons is the most important thing for a human being who is ready to get to know himself.  

What lessons happen to be the main lessons of your life today? Betrayal, dependence, oppression, poverty, unfairness, disease, suffering… What are the situations that show up in your life? They bother you and create strain or voltage that forces you to look for a way out of this intolerably heavy states. Perhaps you have already tried different methods to exit. How much did they help you? Most likely, that was just a temporary and partial escape. Otherwise, you probably would not be reading this text.

Holistic psychology is based on the revolutionary discoveries of Alexander Pint made during many years of his investigation of nature and the mechanisms of the human consciousness during a given stage of its evolution.

The main result of this investigation is a discovery of the mechanisms of the dual nature of human perception and the characteristics of the personal program of a human being which provide an opportunity to exit into a qualitatively new level of consciousness.

Perhaps you want to discover the difference between our approach to the transformation of personality and those that currently exist. The major difference is our discovery of the basic principles using which a Soul of a given human being creates specific circumstances in order to pass through its lessons on Earth. We review the dual mechanisms of these lessons, explore the ways they get realized in our life, and develop methods to solve them.

Our investigation was conducted through the Aware functioning and interaction of the three bodies of a human being: mental, emotional, and physical within the dual setting of  human consciousness. Dualities happen to be the main principle that gives birth to the “sleep of consciousness” of a human being and one’s lessons on the planet Earth. A complete, holistic review of the major mechanisms of the vital activity of any given human being has been provided, allowing one to open the basic principles of the accelerated passage of the Earthly lessons.

Are you ready for an accelerated movement toward yourself? This question can be answered only by you. If your answer is “YES,” WE invite you embark on the most interesting journey—to become aware of your wholeness. Your first step will be to familiarize yourself with this and other books of our school, as well as other materials published on our site.

We want to remind you that “everything is not as simple and not as hard as it appears to you.”

Recall who you are, where you are from, and why you are here!

As an incarnated body of a human being, do you remember why you are here on Earth and from where you came? Does this question interest you, or are you more concerned satisfying your personal desires?

What do you see as the meaning of your existence on Earth? In any case, you have a certain purpose, but from where did you get it, and why do you think it is the correct one?

“Why so many questions?” – you may ask. – “You had better answer them yourself and let us read the answers.” If everything was so simple, I would do exactly that. But there is no sense in answering questions that have not been asked by you. At best, the answers would create an impression in you that the author knows something. But that is not what I want. And what do I want?

Transfer from consciousness of unity to consciousness of separation

I would like to pass on to you the state and the knowledge that comes from the WORLD of Unity, from the world of “WE.” That is that WORLD out of which all of us—people incarnated on Earth—came from. That is the WORLD from which WE observe the WORLD of EARTH and many other worlds, experiencing the life of each human being as part of ourselves, i.e. WE. Over THERE WE are very interested in life on Earth, and WE incarnate on Earth in human bodies in order to satisfy this interest. But when we are born in a human body, we forget the consciousness of Unity we enjoyed THERE. On Earth, we enter into the opposite pole of Consciousness—Separation.

Earth is a scene for the game of Separation. It is here that WE learn this side of consciousness, the side opposite to UNITY. At the same time, in incarnating on Earth, we do not remember the Rules and the Laws of the game of separation; we cogitate them on our own. That is why every birth on Earth is a severe shock. From the world of Unity, WE get into the opposite world, the laws of which are different. From the energy of Unconditional Love, WE get into the energies of Fear or Conditioned Love. From the state of Life, WE enter the state of Survival. From the state of timelessness, WE incarnate into the harsh limitations of linear time.

As the primordial impulse of our birth on Earth is OUR interest, we experience it in the highest degree in childhood. We are interested in our bodies and in everything that surrounds them. In childhood, we still remember the state of Unity. We feel it especially well with our parents. Observe children’s relationships with their families, and perhaps you will recognize how that state, later on, leaves the majority of people, changing to disappointment, resentment, irritation, and pain.

Your personality represents a set of given conditions of your Earthly incarnation

Why does this happen? Because we come here to receive lessons in Separation, that we chose to receive previously, while in a World of Unity.

How is our program of scheduled lessons and experiences on Earth introduced and realized? Such a program is introduced at the level of the cells of our body and through the formation of our personality. That is precisely why  the conditions of the puzzles and lessons of the Earthly incarnation of every human being are being given through the personality. Have you looked at your personality in this way? If you have not, you do not understand the main role it performs in the plan of your Soul.

Your personality represents the given of the puzzle you came to Earth to experience and solve. You need to understand your personality as the given of your puzzle. That understanding will allow you to solve the puzzle you were send here to solve.

Your interest in channeling, esoteric literature, psychology, philosophy, and religion represents the beginning steps in that direction. If you are already close to the end point of your holistic understanding of yourself, you will need the knowledge received in our Process. We call it holistic psychology.

In what way does the personality stimulate a human being to receive the necessary for his or her Soul experience? The perception of your personality is tuned in a precise way to receive the experience ordered by your Soul. During this process, the experience that we receive through our personality happens to be not fully encompassing, not whole. It is limited and conditioned by harsh beliefs or fixated on a one-sided point of view of oneself and the surrounding world. The personality of a human being represents a fixated and one-sided point of view or a certain angle of perception of oneself and the surrounding world. That is why it is so difficult for a human being to change the tuned-in perception. Personality resists that. That is why only through learning how to use the “knob” of the tuning dial of your perception or transformation of your personality can you obtain a holistic vision, which does not exclude completely different and opposite points of view, most importantly different views of yourself. It can be said that the supreme task of every human being incarnated on Earth is the transformation of his personality, which will allow him to exit out of the harshly fixated, unilateral perception of his ego or personality to a holistic, multidimensional perception of WE. During such a transformation, the human being receives an opportunity to view himself and the world holographically, simultaneously observing completely different possibilities of his movement through life. Only with such a perception would he receive the real opportunity of choosing the variants of his life journey.

Identification with the personality does not allow us to remember ourselves 

Let us now review the major difficulty connected to viewing your personality as a given set of conditions of your earthly lesson. It consists of a human being’s total identification with his body and personality. In other words, one considers himself to be a physical body and a personality that rules that body. That is why one cannot simply look at one’s body from the side, as on the given conditions of one’s task, because there is no one to take that look. One thinks there is no one else there. A human being can view certain tasks as his main life tasks. For example, to give birth and to bring up children, to achieve success in a certain profession, to make a lot of money, to move up the corporate or spiritual ladder, etc. But all those aims are dictated by the programs downloaded into his personality. By achieving them, he simply performs the requirements of his program. But he does not fully or holistically view  his own program, i.e. his personality. He is unaware of it. We call this state of consciousness of a human being sleeping or mechanical.

While in this state of consciousness, the human being runs the program downloaded into him without seeing or understanding how it works. Meanwhile, the majority of people do not even raise questions regarding their program, i.e. the make-up of their personality. Those who raise those questions view the programs fragmentarily, only certain parts of it, without touching its essence—dual functioning.

Contemporary psychology does not view the personality of a human being as a set of given conditions of the task of his earthly lessons. That is why it cannot give holistic answers to these questions: “What is a human being, why is he born on Earth, and how is the scenario of his life given?”

How is your personality made?

So, what is the personality of a human being and how is it made? Personality gets installed into the mind of a human being as a program gets installed into a computer. We call it the conditioned mind, as it is conditioned by duality, and the principle of its action is based on the separation of opposite notions. The mind of a human being consists of two spheres separated from each other: consciousness and subconsciousness. This separation of a human mind into two opposite spheres gives birth to the duality of personality formed within it. So, the personality of a human being is also dual and has two opposite sides. We call those two sides the two directors that stage the show of one’s life on a scenic stage that is called Earth. Both directors have equal capabilities and equal power but operate based on opposite tendencies. They embody the concept of a program contained in the personality of a human being. But this concept is realized in a way that the personality itself does not fully understand, as it is conscious of only the half that is being worked up by the conscious director. A subconscious director is acting in such a way that the personality perceives it as resistance, danger, oppression, evil, harm, negativity, and so forth. So, the tendencies of the conscious and subconscious directors are totally opposite. They create the duality, inconsistency, paradox, conflict, and drama of the lessons of a human life.

Duality is a basic condition of earthly lessons of a human being

Duality is a basic and major condition of all earthly lessons of a human being. Interestingly, the practical knowledge of the law and the mechanism of dual perception are concealed from a human being by a “veil of sleep” of his consciousness. That happens because the understanding of the law of dual perception would immediately provide ready answers to the lessons WE incarnate into the reality of Separation to solve. Therefore, the unaware Game in Separation would become impossible. But there is another quality of this game. It is an aware game in Separation. The transfer to this stage of the game becomes possible due to the appearance of the Knowledge of dual perception. Prior to the present time, this Knowledge was not accessible to human understanding. But it is open now and is the property of all humanity. But not all people are ready to meet it due to their own requests to receive the earthly experience. Having a request for mechanical acquisition of the earthly experience, a human being simply follows his personal program without seeing or becoming aware of his program, i.e. the personality itself. Another reason why that makes understanding this knowledge difficult or impossible is the harsh and one-sided attunement of perception of one’s personality that blocks any information that does not correspond to one’s views. You can only understand our Knowledge through the awareness and transformation of your own personality, i.e. through its practical application and by experiencing it yourself. It is a dual perception of a human being that gave birth to the idea of good and evil, God and Devil. The experience of Separation is living through a constant fight between good and evil, right and wrong, success and failure, positive and negative. This war is being fought within every human being. In the external world, we only see its reflection. Humanity would only be able to eliminate wars in the external world through the revolution of its own self-consciousness that would occur in the internal world of every human being. It is a transfer from a state of fight to a state of partnership of opposite sides of the personality of a human being. And this revolution is only possible through the New Knowledge of dual perception of the personality.

How is a program of our personality formed and how does it work?

We showed you a general scheme of a dual makeup of the mind, based on how the personality of every human being forms and crystallizes. But in what specific way is the personality formed and how does it work?

Depending on the request for an experience you intend to receive in a given incarnation on Earth, the time, place, and conditions of your birth are chosen. It is through them that the necessary context of the requested life experience is created. Social conditions and those chosen by your parents render the major influences on the formation of your personality.

It is your parents or the people that participated in your upbringing during childhood, who download the program of your personality. As a rule, it is your mother and father. They transfer their parts of the dual program of your personality to you. Therefore, you need to become aware of and accept those opposite parts in yourself. Father and mother are present in every human being as dual parts of a program of his or her personality. Their conflicts and problems became your conflicts and problems. You have the opportunity to solve these problems or to continue to suffer from not understanding them. If you don’t solve these problems, you will transfer them to your children.

Let’s take a look at how personality functions. The personality of a human being can be described as a collection of opposite qualities. In other words, they are dual. For example, smart – stupid, harsh – kind, strong – weak, etc. Such pairs of opposite qualities show a dual scale of a certain quality, marked by opposite notions.

If asked to determine one’s own personality, a man names certain qualities. In the process of doing this, he chooses only one of their sides. Considering himself to be tidy, for example, he denies the presence of the opposite quality in himself. In this particular case, it is sloppiness. But, at the same time, he notices it in other people and gets irritated by it.

Because a personality is not aware of its duality, it is unable to see itself as a whole. Its perception of itself, of other people, and of the world is one-sided. That is the major reason for the “sleep” of human consciousness, which is necessary for one to receive the experience of Separation.

One-sided tune-up of personality’s perception

What are the consequences of this one-sided tune-up of perception of personality? They can be described as a collection of major principles and mechanisms of human perception and reaction. Let’s review them.

A personality fights itself, believing it is fighting with the outside world

A personality, representing a structure of dual qualities or a structure of dual parts, only identifies itself with one side of those dualities, projecting its opposite side onto the outside world and fighting it. That is why it happens to be in a constant fight with itself, believing it is fighting other people or life circumstances. That is how the program of personality survival is realized. 

Fear—the main fuel of a “sleeping” man

Qualities with which personality identifies are appraised by it as positive and belonging to it. The opposite qualities are appraised as negative and are projected onto the outside world, i.e. onto other people and situations. Because a personality does not accept its negative qualities, it experiences negative emotions by perceiving them in other people.

The consequence of such unacceptable and hostile relationships of the opposite parts of personality is a state of fear, in which a human being constantly finds himself. All negative emotions, such as irritation, jealousy, depression and many others are variations of the state of fear.

Fear is the energy and the fuel on which ego-personality feeds during its passage through its lessons of the Game of Separation. You may not experience a state of fear, as it has become habitual to you, but you are unable to not be in it.

Internal stress or voltage is the result of an imbalance of personality

Fear is the energy of a personality, the magnitude of which is characterized by the level of voltage that appears between its opposite sides. The degree of such a voltage is determined by the magnitude of imbalance of its dual sides. The stronger you manifest a certain feature of your personality, the stronger the voltage that develops in you, aroused by the resistance of the part opposing it, which you do not accept or acknowledge in yourself.

Imbalance appears as the result of a personality’s insistence on an exclusive righteousness of beliefs of only one of its dual parts. In this case, one stands upon one’s one-sided belief as if this reflection of himself happens to be the only Truth.

At the same time, one suppresses the opposite of a given belief. In other words, one suppresses the opposite side of oneself. Projecting it onto another human being or onto a certain situation, one starts fighting it and experiencing the state of one’s exclusive righteousness or pride.

The state of exclusiveness leads to exclusion

What is called pride here is a consequence of an imbalance of a personality. Pride appears in a personality as a result of its glorification of certain qualities or parts of itself. At the same time, the opposite qualities or parts are suppressed and not accepted by the personality. That leads to an  increase of internal voltage.

Fear of being unable to justify its high self-assessment and the possibility of others revealing its bluff escalates in a personality. Concurrently, it experiences a state of exclusivity or pride that it does not want to refuse.

Pride is one of the key manifestations of a human being in a state of “sleep” of consciousness. Pride leads to experiencing a state of exclusion from other people. That is the main state experienced in the Game of Separation. The opposite of pride is a state of worthlessness, unimportance.

It is the fluctuations while experiencing those opposite sides of duality that happen to be fundamental for personality.

Condemnation and guilt as a mechanism of recharging the personality

Replenishing the energy of fear or nourishment of a personality happens mechanically in a “sleeping” man and without his awareness. Such a recharge appears every time one experiences a state of condemnation or guilt.

Condemnation can be manifested as a state of irritation, aggression, dissatisfaction, resentment, indignation, condemnation, anger, etc. Guilt can be experienced as depression, pity toward self or others, tears, whining, etc.

Condemnation and guilt are dual sides that affect each other. When a man (or a woman) condemns someone, in reality, he condemns himself, projecting onto another his own side of a personality, of which he is unaware. Later on, he would feel guilty for this condemnation since he is really condemning himself, even though he does not understand it. His guilt appears as the result of condemnation of himself.

Inconsistency of one’s personal desires

The development of a personality occurs in relation to the appearance of desires in it which it tries to realize. The desires of a personality are dual, even though it is unaware of this. Each opposite side of a personality has its own desires. The appearance of a desire of one of its parts leads to the appearance of an opposite desire in its dual part.

Therefore, the realization of every conscious desire meets the resistance created by its opposite part. The personality sees this resistance as external and experiences negative emotions toward it, while not understanding that these emotions come from the inside.

Role of the behavior of the personality

The personality program of a human being is similar to a scene in a movie. It presupposes a certain number of roles and their performers. The typical roles are father, mother, husband, wife, child, relative, director, subordinate, coworker, friend, etc. Each personality performs a number of roles with which it identifies.

Those role-type behaviors are determined by the laws and norms regulating them. They are based on duty and responsibilities. The performance of every role is regulated by certain rules which represent the limitations with which the personality should comply. Conflicts between these roles appear as the result of different understanding of rights and duties related to each role from the point of view of each personality performing it.

A man and a woman

A man and a woman are a dual pair with a very important meaning in the lessons in the world of Separation. The sex of a human being is determined according to the body into which one was born: male or female. The choice of sex during birth is a determining factor while passing through life lessons and the specifics of an acquired experience.

A man and a woman are opposites that are present in every human being, irrespective of the physical sex of his or her body. That is why conflict between man and woman occurs in the internal world of every human being. The external world shows only the reflection of this conflict. Interrelationships of man and woman are interrelationships of the mind and feelings.

Three bodies and the supreme task of a human being

Each human being occupies two worlds simultaneously. One’s Soul, Spirit, or Supreme “I” is in That world. In This world, one is represented in the form of three bodies: physical, emotional, and mental. The main task during the passing of earthly lessons is to be aware and to harmonize these three bodies in such a way that they all submit to the Supreme “I” and not to the ego or personality. Then one finds the true Owner and becomes An Aware Creator, or a Whole Human Being.

In this world, one receives the experience of survival. Such an experience is created through the duality and separation to which all of three bodies are subject. Each of those three bodies perceives the world yet does not live in accordance with the two other bodies. Each pulls in its own direction. They are separate and uncoordinated, but the human being does not understand this. It appears to him that he is already whole, but his internal separation manifests itself through the external world, which happens to be a reflection of his internal world. By seeing separation in the outside world, the human being can become aware of his own internal separation. Duality pushes one towards working on and becoming aware of his three bodies. It is in this awareness that the essence of all the lessons in the world of survival, or separation, occurs.

Our passage through the experience of survival occurs in the following way. In the beginning, the physical body is being developed. Every one of three bodies of a human being consists of three components: physical, emotional, and mental. A Soul lives through as many incarnations as necessary in order to develop all of the three components of the physical body. When all three components are fully developed, a Soul harmonizes them. Afterward, it moves to develop the emotional body which also consists of three components: physical, emotional, and mental. The process is analogous. Then, the mental body gets developed in a similar way.

Working up in many incarnations, the experience of survival of each of the three bodies, during a certain incarnation, the human being approaches a possibility of their co-tuning. This process culminates in the formation of a whole Human Being as Three-in-One, i.e. total co-tuning and harmony of all his three bodies occurs.

Co-tuning the three bodies is the main task of our Process. We frequently view those three bodies as the physical body and the personality. Personality can be viewed as a combination of emotional and mental bodies. We view the mental and the emotional bodies as a Man and a Woman. In working with the personality, we harmonize mental and emotional bodies. The harmonization of one’s physical body is the consequence of the harmonization of one’s mental and emotional bodies.

This short introduction provides a general understanding of the direction in which we are moving, collecting and harmonizing ourselves into a Whole. But in order to really understand what is being transmitted here, you need to pass this Knowledge through yourself. In other words, you need to become a self-investigator.


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