VC 08/27/11 Why did I create the School of Holistic Psychology?


The message of the Supreme Consciousness or what your Supreme I wants to tell you now: «The time to gather yourself into one whole has come! The time of wholeness has arrived!»

For a very long time, the Earth and Humanity happen to be in a state of «sleep of consciousness». In this state the consciousness a human being became separated to many fragments that fight each other. We lost our wholeness and forgot who we really are. It is precisely this internal separation that explains all the negative phenomena in a life of any human being and humanity at large. We have lost the real meaning of life and wallow in the fight for survival.

The time of the Holistic, not Separated Consciousness has come, even though not everyone is aware of it. Everyone has already experienced the influence of the new cosmic energies, even those that do not understand or do not accept that the inevitable process of Transferring to Holistic Consciousness has started. This process exacerbates all our earthly lessons and pushes us toward Holistic understanding of ourselves.

Our School is a part of the Universal Project that is called here The Quantum Transfer of the Earth 2012. This is the Cosmic Project, the guides of which cannot be seen by the physical vision. Nevertheless, certain people including me participate in it in full awareness, performing their part of work necessary for the transfer of the Earth and Humanity to the next level of Consciousness—Holistic, or Christ Consciousness.

For more than twenty years I conducted the investigation of the personality of a human being beginning with my own in order to learn the basic mechanisms of its functioning that are blocking the entrance of the Holistic or Supreme Consciousness. This investigation has been completed, and all the necessary results were obtained. Now, we have an opportunity to transmit this Knowledge to those that need it—practically to everyone on this planet, even though not everyone understands it yet. That’s the main reason for the appearance of this site and of the work that we do.


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