VC 10/27/11. What is disharmony?


— My main principle is harmonization, cooperation between a man and a woman. So based on this, any type of pretensions or grudges are not important to me.   

— Do not hurry with the conclusions. What do you mean not important if you happen to be in disharmony? Disharmony is where all of it manifests itself. Never say that something is not important. Investigate and harmonize it. Do you understand? Grudge is a manifestation of disharmony. Jealousy is a manifestation of disharmony. Fear is a manifestation of disharmony. Every negative quality that we know here is a manifestation of disharmony. How did I come to this realization? What’s my principle? My principle is to HARMONIZE. How are you going to harmonize something, if you deny something? How can you harmonize a scale if you tear off and throw away one side of it? What are you going to harmonize?

The basic principle that is used everywhere is to tear off and to throw away: «Cleanse yourself of negative thoughts», «Choose positive thoughts». What kind of a harmony is it? That’s a principle of denial. I, on the other hand, use something that is not used here. Even though the word for it exists, there is no understanding of this process. So, take a look at the difference.

You start screaming right away: «I don’t have this and I don’t have that». I say: «What do you mean, you don’t have it? If you don’t have it, it is impossible to harmonize anything! » You cannot harmonize a scale if you only have one side of it.

— Later on, I quickly find another side, attach it to a scale, and receive a full scale again.

— Exactly. So, maybe it is enough of throwing away? Maybe it’s better to start to investigate and to harmonize from upstart? Maybe it’s better not to throw away in order not to run around searching later on?

— That’s exactly where I started. When I happen to be in a state of acceptance, everything happens the way it happens, and not only positive things. Certain unpleasantness, conflicts, and grudges occur, but they are experienced on a totally different level, where this entire negative is not thrown away, but reviewed. 

— Okay. I am going to explain it using my terminology. My principle is harmonization. In order to harmonize, you need to have two bowls of one scale. They are usually called plus and minus, good and bad, goodness and evil. My task is not to destroy the evil and widen the goodness. My task is to harmonize both of them.

The second very important moment: in order for you to harmonize something, you have to be de-identified with it. In a given case, I will use the example of weights. How are you going to harmonize the bowls of your scale? You are going to put weights in both bowls. Imagine that you want to put a certain weight in one of the bowls, being identified with this weight.

What’s identification? It’s an attachment. Factually, you view yourself as this weight. Then, you are not going to put a certain weight on a scale; you are going to get on a scale yourself. Look. You are getting on a scale. There is no harmonization then. You stand on this one side of the scale, and you are totally disharmonized.

So, you jump to another bowl, what in my terminology is called a change, and the previous bowl ascends. Therefore, in order to harmonize, you need to be de-identified with what you put on the scale. De-identification occurs only through awareness. You conduct the procedure of harmonization inside your world on the different scales. These scales are different dualities. So, dualities are the scales. If you are identified with one side of a certain duality, you don’t put a weight on a scale, you get on a scale yourself. And because of it, the disharmony gets even greater. Therefore, you need to be in the observer, i.e. in the one who is de-identified with all the weights that he is going to put on different scales. Do you understand me?

The main principle here is harmonization of the structure of the personality. This harmonization is conducted by the Supreme Aspect that is de-identified with what is inside this personality. That de-identification is precisely what allows the Supreme Aspect to put in the bowls of a scale exactly what needs to be put there in order to harmonize a scale. This scale is represented by different dualities of your personal program.

— It is difficult. Initially, one bowl is heavier than another. Then, the opposite bowl gets heavier.

— Exactly. The observer observes and corrects this misbalance by putting a necessary weight in a bowl of a scale that happens to be disharmonized. The observer does not get on the scale with this weight. The observer simply adds this weight, knowing precisely which weight is needed to be added now. This cannot happen if you are identified. What is the personality going to do if it masters, as it appears to it, this principle? It is going to jump from one bowl of a scale to another. That’s exactly what happens to you, and practically with every one of you who is trying to do it. This is not to be taken as blame, but as a clear vision of how it is done now, and how it is to be done.

— Thank you. These are very important visual images.

— Thank you. I feel satisfied that we shed some light on this very important topic.


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